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Cure for cold sores research, herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 treatment - Review

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Cold sores, also known as “fever blisters”, are small and fluid-filled blisters caused by the herpes known as “simplex virus”. I still get the cold sore but it never turn into a big Nast one and it help heals it faster. Petroleum Jelly to Cover the Cold Sore It is recommended to cover the cold sore with petroleum jelly. Studies conducted in University of Heidelberg show that peppermint oil is highly penetrative on skin and has a direct impact on the virus that causes cold sores. If you get exposed to the virus, you get the infection and the risk of developing cold sores increases.

According to a research conducted in Germany, Lemon balm promotes the healing of cold sores. Any anesthetic ointment containing “benzocaine” can also be applied on the cold sore to ease the pain.
However, cold sores can easily be treated at home with simple and effective home remedies without any side effects.
Lysine, Ointment or in Natural Form Lysine is typically known to be an essential amio acid which is used to make protein. Cold Milk Milk has soothing properties that provide relief from the pain and encourage healing.

Baking Soda, Beneficial For Its Alkaline Nature Cold sores virus cannot survive in alkaline condition.
It is also obtained in ointment form which needs to be applied directly onto the cold sore.
Ice Cubes Helps to Ease the Pain Ice cubes work proficiently to ease the pain of cold sores.

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