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How easy it is for the oligarchy (Globalist Bankers) to manipulate the people,come up with another money-making racket to scam the unsuspecting public to pay over and over again. If you believe nothing of what we say regarding this post on RH,please,please do some investigating yourself,and hopefully rob this cancer industry of its proceeds of fraud. Cancer is often thought of as being a modern affliction, the result of us polluting our atmosphere and our bodies. Medically, there may be a limited range of treatments for a particular form of cancer but the opportunities for complementing that treatment with everything from to acupuncture to massage therapy to yoga can be endless. The important features of any complementary therapy are that it must not interfere with the medical treatment and it must help the patient to better cope with their cancer and the potentially painful and debilitating side effects of its treatment. The myth that sharks don’t get cancer started in the early 1990s and in recent years has been repeated over Twitter by the National Aquarium and Smithsonian Marine Station in the US. Perhaps the saddest thing about the whole shark cartilage debacle is that there are some compounds in shark cartilage that could be used in the treatment of some cancers.
All manner of naturally occurring compounds have been found to be effective as part of different cancer treatments. The reality is that doctors and researchers are not ignoring natural remedies as part of the overall war on cancer, but that they play only one part in a larger story. This has led to targeting the philanthropic doctor to stop spreading his cancer healing treatment all over the world.
The patented cancer therapy of Dr Burzynski uses a non-toxic and natural substance known as Antineoplastons. Regardless of the higher level of pessimism about cancer treatments spread all over the world, Dr Burzynski’s proposed cancer treatment is proven to be highly effective for cancer patients.
Delighted with her treatment, Kavanagh is pleased to express that she has finally found a sincere doctor who has actually helped her combat cancer without affecting the other functions of her body.

There are various thought-provoking examples that show how the enemies of health led cancer to spread even further. Here are some good news: Researchers have discovered that a potato boiled for eight minutes made a battery that produced ten times the power of a raw one. Cannabis is one of the most powerful healing plants in the world and it makes cancer essentially disappear. While there is much truth to this, with around 20% of all cancers being attributable to smoking for example, one of the main reasons for the increasing risk of cancer is our increasing lifespan. The common feature to all cancers is that affected cells grow out of control, forming malignant tumours, but there are more than 200 forms of the disease with different causes, symptoms and treatments. There are even rumours that the global economy would collapse (again) if the hidden cure for cancer were to be revealed.
Complementary therapies do not help to cure the cancer itself, but instead improve a patient’s sense of wellbeing and quality of life. Often promoted by conspiracy theorists over the Internet, they are unproven and untested and may have any number of severe side effects on the patient and their bank balance. But by massacring millions of sharks to make an ineffective pill, the opportunities for proper research are diminished. The mistake people make is to think that simply eating superfoods or taking pills containing those compounds will treat their cancer or will stop them from getting cancer at all. The lesson for everyone else is that your chances of avoiding cancer are most improved by living healthy, active lives and eating a balanced and varied diet. Dr Burzynski has received various attempts to make him silent, and this evil conspiracy has been there since decades. Since it is a natural ingredient, it is unique in terms of providing natural cure for terminal cancers.

She and her family started to look for alternative treatments to cure her cancer in the best possible manner. Not only is it totally, laughably wrong, this myth has led to the development of a wholly bogus miracle cure for cancer: pills containing shark cartilage. However, good news is that the medical establishment and the Texas Medical Boards are forced to dismiss the case of Dr Burzynski. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a severe type of cancer that is associated with the brain. Obviously, this is a true success for this loyal doctor who wants the whole world to get rid of cancer.
Just like the case with many cancer patients, Sandi’s cancer also could not respond well to traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Eventually, their hard work was worth it, when they realized a great alternative treatment for cancer, i.e. One such cancer treatment is proposed by Dr Burzynski, but the worst thing is that the western medical associations and the Texas Medical Board want Dr Burzynski to choose silence. This prompted her to carry on her treatment with the miraculous cancer treatments of Dr Burzynski.

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