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Complementary therapy for schizophrenia, medical herbs to grow - For You

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The thrust of this book is nutrition and complimentary therapies for digital addiction, anxiety, bipolar, depression, and schizophrenia. Words from the WiseAuthor William Jiang's extraordinary chronicle of his life -A SCHIZOPHRENIC WILL - is at once arresting, horrifying, challenging and inspiring.
This book focuses on the knowledge about Complementary and Alternative Health treatments for select mental issues that I gleaned over seven years of following the mental health literature during that time.

A long list of things that can be helpful for ameliorating depression is presented including: natural herbal remedies, meditation, religion, yoga, the effect of too much or too little light, the role of exercise in fighting depression, the role of music on the mood, the role of a positive social network in recovery, the role of pets, the harmful effects of the digital lives we lead, and the healing power of scent. Finally, the amazing fact that nutrition can sometimes prevent psychosis in its beginning stages before it becomes fully-blown schizophrenia is looked at. The effects of eating right, exercising, meditation, the benefits of certain video games on how the mind works, strategies to keep weight off, and how to minimize the damage to the liver from the unhealthy effects of medicine for schizophrenia are discussed.

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