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Wendy Wright has submitted a planning application to Maldon District Council for the change of use of a unit on the Benbridge Industrial Estate in Holloway Road, Heybridge. The proposed new complementary health care clinic will employ eight part-time and four full-time members of staff, if it gets the go ahead. DeVries began ASH as a chiropractic benefit management company in 1987, focused on integrating direct-access chiropractic care into mainstream healthcare as a rider benefit-much the way dental and vision is offered for HMO members.
By 1992, ASH was seeking a specialty plan license for chiropractic in California, a decision that would position the company to grow market share and create a platform to develop other products. As we've been thinking about consumer-directed healthcare, we think a typical consumer has a very broad range of interests.
It all began while a daughter watched her mother fight breast cancer and was shocked to find Complementary Alternative Medical Treatments are rarely if ever covered by health care plans.

Thus, The BreastFest Beer Festival, a non-profit 501(c)(3) was born as a way to help raise money for and support the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic (CMCC), a state licensed non-profit clinic offering alternative medical treatments for low-income women diagnosed with cancer.
It now offers 14 complementary healthcare services to 7.3 million members in more than 60 partner health plans. PacifiCare of California became its first client with a supplemental group-benefit plan for three of its employers. President Clinton appointed DeVries to his advisory panel on complementary health during his second term, and ASH continued its aggressive growth. Now, people recognize that complementary healthcare and the initiatives that we're developing in response to consumer-directed healthcare have positioned us in an important part of the marketplace. ASH has received approval from about 40 state departments of insurance to accept downstream risk from health plans related to administrative and claims costs.

When we surveyed consumer trends across the country in conjunction with Stanford Medical School ["National Consumer Trends in Complementary and Alternative Medicine," 1998, see chart on Page 30], we found that people who use complementary healthcare use five different types of complementary healthcare on average. They take vitamins and minerals and monitor their diet, so we realized that there was a broad-based group of people who were accountable for their healthcare and were interested in being involved in managing their healthcare. Soon, ASH came to dominate the complementary health plan market in California, capturing more than 90% of HMOs' outsourcing for chiropractic benefit management.

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