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Complementary health therapy, cold sore medicines that work - For Begninners

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Some of the content in this special section was created or selected by the Everyday Health editorial team and is funded by an advertising sponsor.
Additional content was created by or on behalf of the sponsor and was not reviewed by the Everyday Health editorial team. Managing multiple sclerosis could include vitamin D supplements, exercise, and a healthy diet. The progressive and unpredictable nature of multiple sclerosis (MS) leads many people with the disease — up to 70 percent, surveys have found — to go beyond conventional medication and add complementary therapies and lifestyle tactics to their MS treatment plans. But even though complementary and alternative medicine is gaining popularity, it's important to distinguish between treatments that have proven results and those still considered questionable. Another important point about complementary and alternative treatments is that most aren’t regulated by the U.S.
And the National Multiple Sclerosis Society stresses that people with MS need to know that some complementary and alternative treatments could cause side effects or negative interactions with MS medications.
In addition, many therapies that are considered outside of traditional medicine, including vitamin D, exercise, and cooling strategies, are finding their way into health management plans for MS. Standard medical care is medicine that is practiced by health professionals who hold an M.D.
Complementary medicine is treatments that are used along with standard medical treatments but are not considered to be standard treatments. NCI provides evidence-based PDQ information for many CAM therapies in versions for both the patient and health professional.
Some CAM therapies have undergone careful evaluation and have found to be safe and effective. CAM therapies need to be evaluated with the same long and careful research process used to evaluate standard treatments. CAM therapies include a wide variety of botanicals and nutritional products, such as dietary supplements, herbal supplements, and vitamins.

NCI and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) are currently sponsoring or cosponsoring various clinical trials that test CAM treatments and therapies in people. Cancer patients who are using or considering using complementary or alternative therapy should talk with their doctor or nurse.
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a group of medical and health care systems, practices and products that are not generally considered to be part of conventional medicine. Many families that choose complementary and alternative treatments for their children do not disclose this information to their health or service providers.
Clinicians including doctors, therapists, dietitians, dentists and other providers strive to rely most on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that have been evaluated in research studies and found to be useful and reliable. There is very little knowledge about CAM therapies, especially in children with disabilities. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the government’s NIH, is actively involved in fostering CAM research studies. Parents and other caregivers can turn to a variety of sources for information about CAM therapies.
The content is subject to Everyday Health’s editorial standards for accuracy, objectivity, and balance.
For this reason, always discuss a complementary therapy with your doctor before you try it. Although it’s not possible to cure MS with food, a low-fat, high-fiber diet can help promote better health overall. Some study the effects of complementary approaches used in addition to conventional treatments, and some compare alternative therapies with conventional treatments. Or ask if someone at your cancer center, such as a social worker or physical therapist can help you. They are used by CAM practitioners for health promotion, disease prevention, diagnostic testing and disease and disability therapy.

Other Divisions of the NIH are also involved in CAM research studies related to their areas of responsibility: for example, The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
Join the conversation! Free Newsletters Personalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. White, OCCAM Director, explains the use of complementary and alternative medicine in cancer. It is also a good idea to learn whether the therapy has been proven to do what it claims to do. According to the National Institutes of Health, the normal range for vitamin D is 30 to 74 nanograms per milliliter. There’s no evidence that acupuncture can affect the course of MS, so as is the case with other complementary and alternative therapies, it should only be used in conjunction with a traditional MS treatment plan.
It is also practiced by other health professionals, such as physical therapists, physician assistants, psychologists, and registered nurses.
A number of innovative procedures are presently being evaluated in carefully designed studies including robotic therapy for improved upper and lower limb mobility and hippo therapy for improved musculoskeletal coordination. However, most CAM therapies have rarely been scientifically studied and so their usefulness and effectiveness is not well understood.
They are the core of the acceptable procedures used by licensed health care and service providers and are usually included in the reimbursement payments of government and private insurance plans.

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