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In a move to lower the use of opioid medication in the treatment of pain by blending complementary care modalities, education and new medical approaches, the VA launched the Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI), in Minneapolis, October of 2013. Integrative care is the melding of traditional western medicine with complementary care modalities such as Acupuncture, Healing Touch and more, coupled with education and training for self-care. Each day we see the benefits of combining the complementary care therapies with the standard treatment models. We are excited about this new direction towards more patient-centered care and improving quality of life for our service members.

Healing Warriors Program provides complementary care therapies for our service members and their families, working in collaboration with the individual’s medical provider. Evidence for the use of naturopathic techniques often comes from the study of more specific complementary therapies.There are currently four schools of naturopathy in the United States. Acupuncture is the ancient practice of inserting fine needles into carefully selected points located along meridians, or energy pathways, in the body. There is strong evidence that chiropractic treatment is as beneficial for low back pain as treatment given by primary care providers, orthopedists and physical therapists.5,6 The evidence for the use of chiropractic for other conditions is less compelling.

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