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Drug makers voluntarily pulled some cold and cough medicines aimed at children under the age of 2 off the market in Canada and the United States yesterday, amid growing concerns about safety.
Several types of childrens' cold medicines that have been voluntarily recalled in the United States.
In tandem, Health Canada issued a statement with recommendations for the appropriate use of non-prescription cough and cold products in children.
And for all kids, parents should take note of medicinal ingredients in products, particularly if they're giving more than one. There are more than 700 authorized non-prescription cough and cold products marketed in Canada, the department said, and it is in the process of determining if the labelling is sufficient to ensure that parents and prescribers have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their use.
In Canada, McNeil Consumer Healthcare said it is voluntarily withdrawing Infants' Tylenol Cold Dye-Free Drops, Benylin for Infants Cough and Cold Oral Drops and Benylin for Infants Stuffy Nose Oral Drops. It may seem tempting to ease your child's ailments with an over-the-counter cold medication, but OTC cough and cold products should not be used to treat infants and children less than 2 years of age.
When we first moved in together, my husband was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a fully stocked medicine cabinet.

Babies hate, hate, HATE this but it clears out a goopy nose and makes a stuffy baby happier in the end. So, I made a huge list of items that I thought every parent should have around for the first few months.
There isn't much you can do when your little one gets a cold other than keep their nose sucked out and keep them comfy. I do not recommend the fancy thermometers that work via your forehead, or usually even the ear. A&D is for every day, every diaper use when your little one's bum is easily irritated or you think a little irritation is there and you're not quite ready for a zinc oxide cream. If you know that you'll be cloth diapering (which I did for the first 16 months), then none of those creams are compatible with your diapers. Finally, you do not want to wake up to a crying baby in the middle of the night because of teething and not be prepared!
If the Belladonna is listed as an active ingredient, there's enough there to be clinically active, it is not something that they just add for fun.

Jeremy Friedman, chief of pediatric medicine at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, said it's time such an alert was issued with many physicians having been seeking it for more than two years now. If you think your babe's cold warrants meds, talk to his pediatrician before dosing it out. Instead of moping about with a cold, he could go into the bathroom and find the appropriate remedy and feel better.
I take them myself for colds and sniffles - they dry up post --nasal drip and make it easier to breathe!
Government scientists also said there is little evidence that cold medicines actually work in younger children.

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