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I have had trouble with hip pain for about a year and tried all the medical and alternative methods to help including cortisone shots, chiropractic, physical therapy.
Sunridge Medical is an alternative medical health care facility that offers advanced, research-based medicines as supportive care to patients who suffer from all types of medical conditions.
Sunridge Medical is more than just a clinic – it’s a group of educated physicians dedicated to helping patients get their lives back. For answers to your questions about our alternative treatments or to make an appointment, call us TODAY toll-free at (800) 923-7878 to speak with a Patient Care Representative.
Holistic Medicine is also known as Natural Health Care, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Healing and Functional Medicine, which refer to non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques that are typically not practiced in traditional medicine.

Migraines, Neck Pain, Fatigue, Digestive IssuesKristi shares her story about how the Natural Medicine Clinic helped her find solutions to her health concerns.
Autoimmune HepatitisFran discusses how the Natural Medicine Clinic helped her get off medication and recover from her Autoimmune Hepatitis. Autoimmune Kidney Disease, Neck PainTracy talk about how the Natural Medicine Clinic helped her with Neck Pain and her Autoimmune Kidney Disease. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, FibromyalgiaValentina shares her story on how the Natural Medicine Clinic helped her with her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Eczema, PsoriasisMary discusses how quickly the Natural Medicine Clinic helped her with pain and nutrition concerns.

Chuan Liu welcomes you to Milwaukee County’s own Midwest Alternative Medicine Clinic website.

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