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The following video discusses the benefits of music therapy with people who have hearing conditions, specifically people who have constant ringing in their ears with no external source, otherwise known as tinnitus. In particular, music therapy is being applied to treat tinnitus, a condition of perpetually hearing ringing in the ear despite no external source. On top of the existing musical therapy treatments, Chinese music therapy is targeted towards treating the energy and balances in our body which cause psychological discomfort. I would not say music therapy directly influences my ear ringing…it is only giving some music to your brain. You can use our job board to search for various jobs related to art therapy or anything else. MUSIC heals and music therapy is used to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain of many kinds. Chinese researchers have recently identified a new therapeutic use for music: to reduce ringing in the ears, or at least its perception, and to reduce the discomfort that goes along with it. Using music to treat physical and psychological ailments goes back thousands of years in China.

Some psychologists use music to help patients relax so they become more open to counseling and discussion. Music helps create a world with comfortable sounds and also improves mood, according to Dr Li. Traditional Auspice in ChinaAccording to traditional Chinese culture, auspice means luckiness and happiness. Visit a Chinese pharmacy the next time you are near a Chinese neighborhood and buy bulk astragalus root to throw in every broth, tea, soup, or rice dish you are making for an extra immune system boost.
The video talks about using music therapy to help heal the mental aspects as opposed to the physical aspects of tinnitus. Recently music therapy has been gaining ground as a means to help people with hearing conditions. Li Ming who specializes in ear and throat treatment is examining the potential of using music therapy for other ailments. Through listening to the five ancient Chinese notes, we are looking at whether there are any problems with the five main organs.

Ancient Chinese ascribed healing properties to the five notes (do, re, mi, so and la) in Chinese music; this is because they were believed to correspond to five moods, five organs and five basic elements. But music can also help free people from annoying ear-ringing problems, based on both Chinese and Western theories about music therapy, according to Dr Li Ming, chief physician of the Ear and Throat Department of Yueyang Hospital attached to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other therapeutic sounds come from the natural world and include sounds of water flowing, rain, tides, wind and birds singing.
The five notes from traditional Chinese music are believed to correspond to the five main organs of the body: the spleen, lungs, liver, heart, and kidney.

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