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Used by students, teachers, practitioners, and doctors in universities and clinics around the world, the 'Visual Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs' is the de facto standard for Chinese herb photo identification.
Our goal as Yamamoto Oriental Medicine Clinic (Yomclinic) is to compassionately work with our patients to restore an optimal state of health.
Oriental Medicine (and Acupuncture) is one of the oldest therapies on Earth – and it is still very effective in the modern age.
The Classical Chinese explanation is that energy (Qi) flows in channels (meridians) throughout the body and over its surfaces.
The Chinese believe that health is a manifestation of balance, both within the body itself and between the body and the external environment. Oriental medicine has been around for thousands of years, and has provided us with a unique and holistic approach to help prevent and treat disease. While you are here at the Yamamoto OM Clinic website, we recommend you take a look at some of our informational pages describing some of the health services we offer as well as medical research and rationale. Traditional Chinese medicine is the oldest known intact medical system, which has evolved and grown in popularity for over 3,000 years.

The most commonly used treatment methods are acupuncture, herbs, qigong, tuina and food healing. Dr Hulda Clark wrote her book "Cure For All Diseases" based on the research sourced from her Frequency Generator Zapper. Be a part of the community supporting Sacred Lotus and help keepauthentic, researched, and organized Chinese Medicine content available for free. We would like to help as many patients as possible with our knowledge and skills in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. We do not treat any condition as a Western disease, but we treat it from the Oriental Medicine prospective, which is not exactly the same as Western medicine, but very close, time tested and very effective.
Western science and Traditional Chinese Medicine ultimately rely on the body’s natural healing ability to maintain health and protect against disease. Yomclinic offers customized herbal formulas and acupuncture treatment, which not only treats symptoms, but are designed to address the root of your medical condition according to the principles of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The Chinese have identified 71 meridians in the human body, which is a basic energy map for all people.

Chinese herbs can also rid the body of disease but they also nourish and balance the body in very specific ways, thereby improving organ function and building up a person’s constitution and immune system. Each bag contains a formula of about 12 or so raw herbs that has been prepared specifically for the patient and his or her condition. If your condition is not listed, it can be still treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The patient then prepares the herbs at home by boiling them in water for about a half an hour. The acupuncturist may prescribe herbal pills, powders or tinctures instead because these are more convenient.

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