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Chinese herbs have a long history in treating all kinds of diseases, and they have been used in treating kidney disease in recent years. Nettle tea can help treat inflammations in kidneys, and it can also help relieve joint pain, arthritis, fever and allergy, which are the common complication for PKD patients. Nettle tea can also help lower high blood sugar, which is a common leading cause of kidney disease, so PKD can also drink nettle tea if they have high blood sugar and help prevent high blood sugar. From above, we can get the common benefits of drinking nettle tea for PKD patients, however, since the illness condition is different from case to case, so PKD patients need to drink nettle leaf tea depending on their illness condition.

This is a common question for PKD patients who want to treat their illness with Chinese herbs. Nettle tea is often regarded as a natural herbal tea, which has many benefits in treating PKD.
The joint pain and gout are mainly caused by the uric acid in blood, and drinking nettle tea can also help reduce the risk for high uric acid accumulation. As we know, nettle tea is often regarded as a natural treatment for some kidney disease patients, and nettle tea will also be good for PKD patients.

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