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Bipolar disorder is a type of depression that leads to frequent but alternating incidents of mania and depression in the sufferer. Typically the symptoms of bipolar are fatigue, insomnia, sadness, excessive sleeping, loss of appetite or excessive eating and suicidal tendencies. Free And Easy Wanderer Free and Easy Wanderer is a herbal formula developed by doctors of ancient Chinese medicine and is known as Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan in local language. Ginkgo Biloba The medicinal properties of Gingko biloba are well known throughout the world and this is one reason the herb is widely used for treating many problems. Before I learned how to incorporate darkness therapy on a daily basis into my wellness regime several times a year my bipolar syndrome would try to hijack my brain, my thoughts would speed up and I would start to experience anxiety and paranoia, left untreated my brain would then burn out and I would crash into a serious depression. Since introducing darkness therapy I no longer have to put up with the burden of low grade depression for a couple of months several times a year. Compared to herbal remedies and amino acid supplements I would say that bright light and total darkness therapy are powerful it but less precise and without the refined precision that one can achieve with supplements I think it would be difficult to maintain and even balance with these therapies alone.
There’s only been a couple of scientific trials on total darkness therapy but immersion in total darkness appears to be capable of effectively stopping hyper-mania including the very hard to treat ultra- rapid cycling bipolar mania.
When you learn how to influence your own internal biological clock with the use of bright light therapy, total darkness and virtual darkness you will gain control over the timing of your sleep cycles and have learnt another very useful and practical technique to live well with bipolar syndrome. It seems that virtual darkness may work just as well is total darkness in helping to control bipolar mania which is really good news because it means simply by setting up your evening living area to be a low blue light environment you can clock up several hours of virtual darkness and then retire to a totally dark bedroom where you can sleep for 7 to 8 hours to make up the total of 12 or even 14 hours of combined with virtual and total darkness therapy. There’s an initial cost to setting up a totally dark bedroom and a virtual darkness living room environment (instructions discussed elsewhere) but after that the treatment is free and I suggest everyone with bipolar syndrome should do it. It’s easy to do, free and totally without side effects so EVERYOINE with bipolar should use this technique as part of the foundation of their wellness regime.
Ok let’s continue and look at other remedies you can use to treat and manage bipolar mania. The problem is when you reduce dopamine levels in a bipolar brain the levels may not come back down to normal but keep going and you overshoot and cause low dopamine depression. There’s also some evidence that lithium may slow down and be protective against the ageing process particularly within the brain, so perhaps everybody not just people with bipolar syndrome should be supplementing their diet with low-dose lithium. It’s not know why but it has been observed that the level of lithium in the blood decreases when we are in a manic phase, just to be clear the observation was not that when patients with bipolar forgot to take their lithium and became manic it was that our levels of lithium go down when we are manic. Many people are put off lithium because the high doses used in psychiatric medicine can have both unpleasant and potentially dangerous side-effects, however lithium is potentially the best and ideal remedy for bipolar, if only we could get lithium is benefits without side effects.
For people with bipolar type II Lithinase may provide sufficient lithium to stabilise the condition when combined with other remedies and techniques, with the option of occasionally increasing their lithium dosage by adding 5 mg of lithium orotate during periods of hypomania.

For many years it puzzles me how such small doses of lithium could produce therapeutic effects in myself and my patients and psychiatric medicine asserted that only much higher doses produce a therapeutic effect.
Firstly studies have shown that when the mineral vanadium builds up in people with bipolar they are more likely to become manic and that administering 2000 to 4000 mg of vitamin C detoxifies the excess vanadium and speeds up the recovery from mania [reference].
There is some evidence that one of lithium’s actions is to reduce inflammation in the brain derived from excessive omega-6 metabolism [reference], another central component of my approach to treating bipolar syndrome is to eliminate inflammation in the brain by amongst other things following and anti-inflammatory diet, eliminating leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities. I believe that all these things put together make it possible for us to obtain therapeutic benefits from very low doses of lithium that are safe and side-effect free. Firstly it can effectively put the brakes on the manic phase of bipolar syndrome to bring down the hyper and elevated affect (mood).
The typical dose for lithium carbonate is 900 to 1800 mg per day, divided between two doses. At the right dose EPA has proven antidepressant properties for both unipolar and bipolar depression, for mania however results are mixed and when the results of many studies are combined together (meta analysis) EPA produced mixed results and overall does not show significant anti-mania affects, although it does appear to help moderate aggressive behaviour that is all too often exhibited during times of hyper-mania.
Managing the hypo-mania in bipolar type II when it becomes excessive should be doable by most people with these techniques, however managing the extreme hyper-mania in bipolar type I especially when it comes on very quickly with virtually little or no warning is very challenging.
In many cases of bipolar doctors prescribe antidepressants and sleeping pills for the treatment.
Ginseng has been successfully used in the treatment of bipolar because it reduces the feelings of depression and anger.It composes the mind so that the person is less likely to give into feelings of manic, depression, impulsivity and suicide.
This is a cheap, non-toxic and side-effect free technique you can use on a daily basis to dampen down and prevent mania even hard to treat rapid cycling bipolar syndrome. Disturbances in the biological clock causing delayed and diminished sleep cycles is one of the central features of bipolar syndrome especially bipolar mania. The moment I saw this cycle restarting I would aggressively shut my whole system down to stop it, I would cancel all non-essential engagements and force myself to sleep for several days with high doses of glycine, taurine, melatonin, tryptophan, zinc, lecithin and fish oils washed down with a large glasses of wine. For example it tells the bowels to be active in the morning and inactive in the night-time, it tells our adrenal glands to make a surge of cortisol in the morning giving us energy and drive, and it tells the body when to cool down and go to sleep.
This provides us with an amazingly simple and totally side-effect free anti-manic treatment that we can do as part of our daily routine with very little effort to help us live well with bipolar syndrome.
You can actually buy supper strong 10 mg melatonin supplements; the problem can be that doses over 3 mg quite often produce nightmares, I suggest you buy a very low dose melatonin to start with so that you have the flexibility to experiment with from very low to very high doses and see what works for you. Looking at the numbers it appears that the average diet doesn’t supply adequate levels of lithium for optimal mental health including the prevention of suicide.
When I believe that we can, the Texas study showed us that as little as 80-160 mcg can significantly diminish suicide risk and I have observed that supplementing just 50-100 mg from a product called Lithinase is sufficient to normalise the function of the biological clock and sleep cycles, I actually recommend it in my book Sleep Better with Natural Therapies to everyone as part of the treatment for insomnia.

I now believe the explanation for this may be that I always combine the low dose lithium I prescribe with other remedies that protect the lithium and enhance its effects. I believe this is because vanadium and lithium are antagonistic minerals meaning that as vanadium levels go up it suppresses lithium levels, the very thing we need to control bipolar mania. Omega-3 oils have to compete for absorption with other oils like omega-6 and nonessential oils like the saturated fats in meat and dairy.
However, one can also look into the use of natural and safe herbs that can help treat bipolar. It is commonly used for treating episodes of dementia in the elderly.The herb has been effectively used for treating ADHD in adults as well. The timing of our biological clock is supposed to be coordinated with the outside daytime and nighttime and this coordination so often goes out with bipolar syndrome causing big and unhealthy shifts in our sleep-wake cycles. Just for comparison the amount of elemental lithium in a typical prescription of lithium carbonate prescribed for bipolar syndrome would be 180 mg that’s 180,000 mcg compared to 50 mcg a day in the typical French diet.
Today I hardly ever use the technique of flooding the brain with omega-3 oil as an aid to controlling my bipolar mania, but before I discovered how to use darkness and virtual darkness techniques I would regularly take and excessive dose of omega-3 oils to help control my bipolar mania side and simply put up with three days of moderate depression as a side-effect. Best Herbal Remedies For Bipolar Disorder Kava Kava Kava tea, the official herbal drink of the Pacific Islands is known for its calming and rejuvenating properties.
Consult your doctor as to the proper dosage of St John’s wort for treating bipolar disorder. The recommended dose of the herbal supplement is 36 gram daily but should be used only after consultation with an herbalist and a doctor. Gingko can treat bipolar disorder because it has a calming effect on the mind and uplifts the spirit relieving depression. It’s interesting to note that during times of bipolar mania the amount of time one spends in REM sleep is diminished and during times of bipolar depression the amount of time one spends in REM sleep is increased, in other words we spend more of our sleep dreaming were depressed and less when were manic. As the name suggests, kava tea is prepared from the herb kava kava that is known to help treat various forms of mental disorders including bipolar, insomnia, anxiety, tension and depression.The herb is available in tea as well as capsule form but is popularly used in tea form because of the easy availability. I can now also take advantage of a daily dose of bright light therapy which I at least for me is powerfully antidepressant but also powerfully mania inducing without the counterbalancing effect of darkness therapy.

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