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The main symptom of chancroid is a small bump in the genitals that appears anywhere from one to fourteen days after a person contracts the infection, though the vast majority will occur within three to ten days. In addition to the ulcers, about half the people who get a chancroid will also develop swelling of the lymph nodes in the fold between the leg and abdomen.
Chancroid is diagnosed by looking at the ulcers; they are the most distinctive mark of this illness.

The only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including chancroid, is to avoid sexual activity altogether. Chancroid is a bacterial infection that is spread by sex with other infected individuals.
Upon diagnosis right antibiotic will be perscribe for you, complicated chancroid with swellen lymph node may need surgery.

After an incubation period of 1 day to 2 weeks, chancroid begins with a small bump that becomes an sore.

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