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But here’s the most appalling of all statistics about conventional medical treatments for cancer… Untreated cancer patients do not die any sooner than patients who receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. When I was a teenager, or maybe in my early twenties, I decided for myself that if I ever had cancer, I just wouldn’t treat it.
And then, oddly enough, I read a fictional series (about the Amish, no less!) of books written by Beverly Lewis, in which one of the characters underwent treatment for cancer at a holistic cancer treatment center. Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico (half an hour away from San Diego, CA) has detailed information on the survival rates of their patients compared to patients of more conventional treatments.
CAM-Cancer is a European website that aims to analyze the available scientific data on a variety of natural and alternative cancer treatments in an effort to determine their efficacy. I’ve come across a few blogs written by those who have met cancer, fought it naturally, and won. I’ve also come across a few treatment centers, some that sound a lot like the one I read about in that fictional series I mentioned! Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offers care for cancer, as well as several other diseases and conditions.
Cancer Killers is a new eBook authored by a man who was cured of stage 4 colon cancer by natural methods. Cancer Tutor is a website that is absolutely packed with all the information you would ever want to know about cancer. Hopefully, you've gone through each of the 9 natural remedies, along with clicking on the “where to get your cancer fighting nutrients from” link to put it all together and get yourself started.

The side effects of the treatments seemed to me to be worse than the disease, so I figured I’d just let the disease do its thing and go home to Heaven a little earlier than I might have liked. And that kind of changed my thinking a little: I decided that undergoing those treatments would be worth it for the sake of my children. They boast a survival rate that is two to five times higher (depending on the type of cancer) than the SEER survival rate.
And incredibly affordable, especially when compared to the costs of conventional treatment. Their site is a wealth of information, and they also host a variety of events that aim to bring awareness to alternative cancer treatments.
My sister-in-love has just been dx with stage 4 ovarian cancer and she is starting chemo tomorrow I’m with you in that I will do it naturally. I really believe that as hard as it is for us to comprehend humanly, God has a plan for each of us, and some He leads through conventional treatment, and some through natural methods.
I do, however, want to leave you with one final thought before we go…The cancer industry really wants you to believe that cancer is a very complex disease that can only be put into “remission”, not actually “cured”. Perhaps you might find yourself considering a similar treatment method for yourself or a loved one if you ever find that you have been touched by cancer.
Check out the Vitamin C Foundation and the book Cancer: Step Outside the Box that I have on my sidebar. But wherever you find lots of stagnant water, you will find algae growing and thriving.So think of cancer as algae.

In honor of a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, I dedicate this small space of the internet to spreading hope and compassion in the face of a terrible disease. Contrary to what researchers and the medical profession may be telling us, we are going backwards real fast with our current approach of orthodox treatments for cancer (the cut–burn-poison approach). Jones, a 40 year cancer researcher and Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkley, California, did an exhaustive 25 year study on the lifespan of cancer patients and discovered this shocking truth. They’re looking to chemicals and surgeries for a cure, not foods or supplements or other seemingly simple methods of treatment. He discovered that women who refused orthodox medical treatments actually lived four times longer than women who accepted these conventional treatments.
Henceforth and therefore, not much exists in the way of evidence supporting (or not supporting) natural treatments. Dr Jones stated, “People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years. Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived on an average of only 3 years.” It’s important to note here that there have been other researchers who have come to the same conclusions as Dr Jones, as a search of the Science Citation Index shows.

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