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Herpes can be infectious to a great extent and thus it is recommended that you opt for preventive measures.
A healthy lifestyle and hygienic habits like washing your hands before eating, not touching your eyes or mouth with dirty hands and even covering your nose when someone sneezes can help in preventing herpes.
This virus can really spread faster and food along with saliva is one of the quickest ways for it to travel. If your partner is suffering from genital herpes or even regular herpes, it is safer to abstain from sex during this period. In this reference, condoms do prevent direct sexual contact, which reduces the risks of infection but even skin contact poses a threat here and thus it is better to abstain from sex if your partner is suffering from herpes. Probiotic rich foods like yogurt are highly suggested for individuals who tend to get herpes again and again. For those who are prone to getting vaginal herpes or genital herpes, these can be applied on the area for treatment.
Consuming a clove of garlic everyday along with increasing the intake of the same in your food helps in improving immunity.

Herpes or cold sores, which happen on the skin tend to get worse or even occur because of excessive sun exposure. The body’s immunity improves along with resistance levels, especially in the mucous membranes like the genitals and even the mouth, which are more prone to the infection. With a few lifestyle changes and hygienic habits it is possible to get rid of herpes faster and prevent them in the long run too. These preventive measures are much easier to implement rather than seeking herpes remedies later.
Hence, you should try and keep this contagious disease at bay by avoiding kissing anyone who is suffering from this infection or even use their napkins, bottles, utensils, etc. It has been seen that touching the wound directly too can lead to transferring of the virus.
What happens is that the infection can spread directly to you when you come in sexual contact with your partner. It has been found that the good bacteria found in yogurt helps to keep away the herpes causing infection.

This herb is rich in andrographis that help in boosting immunity along with destroying viruses and heal cells that are intruded by the same. Along with no physical contact, it is also vital that you avoid sharing any food with individuals suffering from herpes.
So to avoid herpes, make sure you keep some physical distance from individuals suffering from the same.
Exercise outdoors in safe environments though, like swimming may make you more prone to the infection, if someone else with the infection is swimming in the water. Rather than seeking measures on how to get rid of herpes fast, it is indeed a better alternative to opt for preventive measures. However, natural agents like honey on the other hand boost immunity and reduce your chances of getting the infection.

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