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Can olive leaf cure genital herpes, encyclopedia of medicine - How to DIY

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August 4, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Olive leaf is known as a beneficial part of the entire tree. August 4, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Herpes is often unnoticed, because the virus might reside on the nerve system without causing any outbreak to the body. August 4, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Herpes is a common health issue which can infect both children and adults. July 26, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Herpes is a common skin problem which can be grouped into two main kinds, the labial herpes and the genital herpes. July 23, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Two most common herpes virus are HSV-1 which causes labial cold sore and HSV-2 which brings genital cold sore.
Genital warts are considered as one of the most widespread kinds of STD or sexually transmitted diseases.
Similar to other types of warts which develop elsewhere in the body, genital warts are brought about by HPV.
In females, genital warts can develop on the cervix, the anal canal, the area between the anus and the external genitals, the walls of the vagina, and the vagina. Olive leaf extract has been widely used in ancient Egypt for several medicinal applications.
After eating a banana which contains loads of potassium, don’t just throw away its peelings as this can help treat your genital warts. Aside from castor oil, there are several other types of oils that can be valuable for the treatment of genital warts. The herbal remedy Thuja has two types, among which is Thuja occidentalis which is widely utilized as a traditional treatment for genital warts. To use thuja as a home remedy for genital warts, simply place a couple of Thuja oil on the affected area at least thrice daily. There are some triggers which can activate the inactive virus which are already existing in some people’s body.

While labial herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus 1, HSV-2 is the culprit for the genital one. In males, genital warts may develop on the anus, the scrotum, or the shaft or tip of the penis. Willow bark is not only traditionally utilized for the treatment of muscular inflammation and pain; it can also help treat genital warts and acne. According to a recent study, olive leaf extract possesses a potent anti-viral component which can inhibit the viral action in an infected body.
It is an herbal remedy which contains potent phytochemicals that can be effective for the treatment of genital warts. Aloe vera is not only beneficial for the treatment of different health conditions such as ulcerative colitis, increased blood lipids, diabetes, and psoriasis but also herpes and genital warts. Thuja occidentalis is a tree that is native to Southeast Canada and Northeast United States. This remedy may take quite a while to get rid of your genital warts and may last up to three months.
There are various proven benefits of olive leaf extract, including lowering blood pressure and preventing breast cancer.
You will only realize that you might be suffering from herpes once it flares up and show physical disruptions. Genital warts may also occur in the throat or mouth of an individual who has engaged in an oral sex with an infected partner. This powerful component found in olive leaf extract can interrupt the production of amino acids for viruses to prevent viral infection.
The milky sap can be extracted from dandelion and is topically applied on the affected area to lessen virus-prone cell multiplication. You may use these oils by combining them with carrier oils such as almond or olive oil and then directly apply the mixture into the affected area.

To use aloe vera for the treatment of genital warts, simply take some of its gel and directly apply it onto the affected area a lot of times during the day. In addition, pineapple juice is rich in manganese which helps prevent scarring that you may sustain after the genital warts have been eliminated. Since olive leaf extract can directly penetrate the infected cells to prevent the replication of viruses, it can effectively treat genital warts.
It is a traditional home remedy for genital warts that is proven safe and is non-irritating.
To use grapefruit extract as one way of home remedies for genital warts removal, simply place a drop of the extract on the infected area.
You can combine Thuja oil with other carrier oils such as olive oil and then directly apply it onto the affected area. Ayurvedic medicine has widely utilized onion juice with salt for the effective treatment of genital warts. You can also prepare an olive extract tea and drink it to reap all the benefits of this powerful herb. To use milkweed for the treatment of genital warts, simply extract the sap from a fresh stem of the milkweed plant and apply it directly into the affected area. Nursing or pregnant women should stay away from the use of olive leaf extract as it can affect the blood’s clotting ability. Expect that your genital warts will turn white in color and will fall off from the skin in about two weeks.

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