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Garlic abounds in wonderful healing and curative powers which take care of almost every kind of disease and ailment.
While there are no all natural herbs to cure herpes, there are a number of herbal treatments that may help to minimize symptoms during active phases of the virus or to minimize and suppress the onset of active phases.
Because there is no known cure for herpes, beware of manufacturers that claim they have all natural herbs to cure herpes.
Lemon balm, also known as Melissa officinalis, is believed to reduce the duration and frequency of active outbreaks of the herpes virus. Add a few drops of lemon balm essential oil to face cream to prevent active phase outbreaks of oral herpes. Apply lemon balm extract to an initial herpes outbreak to prevent recurrences of active outbreaks. Self heal, also known as Prunella vulgaris or Heal All may prevent or minimize future herpes outbreaks when taken orally.
Siberian Ginseng, or Elutherococcus, may be helpful in reducing the duration and severity of herpes-2 (genital herpes).
Black, green and white tea, also known as Camellia sinensis, may inhibit the progress of the herpes-1 virus (oral herpes.) Drink three or four cups of tea per day during active outbreaks, or soak tea bags and place them on any active cold sores to reduce the duration of an outbreak.

While all of the above remedies may have some effect on herpes, it is always best to check with your personal health care provider before self-prescribing any treatment.
If you are currently taking medication for your herpes, discuss treatment with supplemental herbs with your doctor or pharmacist to avoid possible interactions. There are known side-effects to some of the herbs listed above, particularly Siberian ginseng.
The virus remains dormant in the body for many years and it can surface any time in a person’s lifetime.
Genital herpes is highly contagious and it appears around the genitals, buttocks and thighs, in the form of ulcers and sores.
The two most common forms of herpes are oral herpes (also known as cold sores) and genital herpes. It is during the active phases where those suffering from herpes will experience painful lesions and a host of other symptoms. Even when someone infected with herpes is without symptoms, it is possible that they can transmit the virus to others.
If a manufacturer claims that their product will cure this virus, those claims have not been backed up by studies.

There is a natural supplement called Herp-Eze which receives good customer reviews for lessening the duration of or suppressing active outbreaks of the virus. This chickenpox virus known as herpes zoster is a milder form virus and it usually causes shingles which is a very painful rash. Other lesser-known health conditions are also caused by the herpes virus including keratitis, and cerebral herpes encephalitis.
There is some evidence that herpes may become less active after it has been in the body for a number of years; however, even then it is possible to infect others with the virus. Even if symptoms are not present, it is very likely that the herpes has not been cured and it is still possible to transmit the virus to others. The treatments can be administered either topically or orally, depending on the form of the herbs that you select. For treatment, take one half to one tablespoon of liquid Siberian ginseng extract three times a day during active outbreaks of herpes.

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