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Traditional healers all over the world have been practicing energy healing techniques for many centuries.
It is only recently that the West has begun to attempt to understand and accept the Eastern version of viewing human beings as energy systems.
Energy healing refers to the use of these putative energies or biofields to treat disorders. Other names – prana, fohat, mana, homeopathic resonance, etheric energy, orgone, odic force. When there is an imbalance in the distribution of this vital energy in the human body, it falls prey to diseases. Pranic healing is an energy healing technique that involves the use of prana to balance the energy in the body and keep it in harmony. Diseases are considered to be occurring due to an imbalance in or disruption in the energy field.
F) Energy-generation exercises: These exercises help the practitioner generate large quantities of prana.
Reiki is derived from ancient Tibetan Buddhist healing practices and has been passed down from teacher to student.
Both these types of Reiki depend on the universal source of energy which the Reiki master can direct to the patient using intention.
The practitioner first follows a particular protocol that allows him or her to send energy to the patient. According to Barbara Brennan, a physicist and therapist, the universal energy field is defined as the life energy surrounding and interpenetrating everything. The universal energy field is the source through which the human body absorbs energy using the seven energy centers, or chakras. Energy imprints of events that have occurred with the body are also stored in the universal energy field. According to Oschmann, scientists have moved from complete disbelief to absolute acceptance that the human energy field exists.
Traditionally, an aura is defined as a field of energy with multiple layers that surrounds the physical body. Energy healing techniques have met with criticism because the approaches used are not always conducive for conducting randomized clinical trials, following the rules of conventional medicine.
Energy medicine is one of the major categories of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Moreover, other mysteries in biology and medicine exist that appear to involve interacting energetic fields, including the mystery of regenerative healing in animals, sometimes associated with innate electromagnetic energy fields that have been measured (Becker, 1960, 1961) and sometimes actually stimulated with external low-level energy fields (Becker, 1972; Smith, 1967).
The human biofield may carry novel information of diagnostic and predictive value for medicine. If a Human Energy Project were to exist to measure all of the electromagnetic components of the human biofield, akin to the Human Genome Project, we would need teams of scientists measuring the emissions at the various frequency bandwidths using a plethora of detectors and measurement devices. It includes the full range of nonionizing energies, as well as visible and ultraviolet light, which are ionizing radiation.
Although we may be able to measure various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation from the human body, these measurements in themselves do not reveal whether the energy is (a) important to life, (b) waste energy, or (c) noise in the system. We will summarize some of the key findings on biofield therapy that show effects on target systems in the laboratory. Besides the veritable energies of the biofield discussed thus far, the human biofield may also consist of other putative energies as well, more subtle than the energy fields presently known in physics. Various devices have been developed that claim to assess aspects of the biofield, most of them electromagnetic in nature.
Here, we describe a few of the devices and techniques that are being used in biofield research or the clinic that appear promising but that need further substantiation to become accepted. Theoretical considerations suggest that the GDV images of the fingertips are a complex mixture of a correlate of the biofield plus additional effects.
Using a quantum-biophysical model of entropy and information flows and supported by some clinical data, Korotkov, Williams, and Wisneski (2004) advance the concept that the GDV technique provides indirect information about the level of free energy resources (excited electronic states) available in protein complexes in the body.
A considerable number of devices are available today that use a method of assessing electrical conductivity of the skin through the acupuncture meridian system for the purpose of providing information about the energy flow related to the health of the body. The accuracy of EDS measurements may be somewhat dependent on the practitioner’s skill and technique, as associated, for example, with calibrating the instrument, placing the probe properly on the acupuncture point, maintaining consistent pressure with the probe, avoiding physical contact with the patient except at the measurement point to minimize energetic interactions, and the consistency of procedure throughout the measurement process. The various biofield therapies may involve key changes in the human biofield and the transmission of energy field components that are especially important for healing. Studies on these biofield therapies in themselves may offer clues to certain key components of the human biofield that are associated with healing. Published studies demonstrate some definite effects from biofield therapies on various target instruments or living systems in the laboratory. These findings from basic research, if replicated by others and further developed and standardized as tests, may also prove useful as assays or bioassays to measure the level of bioinformational energy delivered by human hands. Measurements of DC potentials on the skin of qigong healers was made for different states of being, including external focus, healing at a distance (external qi), and self-healing (internal qigong) (Syldona and Rein, 1999). A portable three-axis digital gaussmeter, which can detect milligauss levels of magnetic fields (AC and DC), was used to monitor Reiki practitioners (n = 17) and healers from several different healing traditions ( n = 15) who were instructed to transmit biofield therapy.
Some anticipated complications have been discovered in seeking correlations between biofield measurements and conventional physical diagnoses. Because of these various complications, biofield measurements, in themselves, may never screen or diagnose populations reliably for disorders and diseases. The possibility also exists that the biofield will shift because of transient thoughts or feelings of the patient.
Another possibility is that the biofield of some patients will shift with the thoughts, intent, or feelings of their practitioners.
On the other hand, an advantage can be found to observing indicators of the future state of the patient energetically using biofield measurements. The primacy of the biofield over the material body, a belief held by many people since ancient times, means that the material aspect of the body is subordinate to the energetic and not the reverse. An overview of biofield science with respect to human biofield measurement and application to CAM was provided in this chapter.
Indeed, the data taken collectively from these explorations reveal that the human biofield is as a flickering flame of energy: dynamic, with some coherence and stability and with some elements of chaos and unpredictability.
The lack of validated measurement tools and energy markers remains an obstacle to progress in biofield science and medicine. A large influx of funding for biofield science is recommended to support a concerted effort over the long term by a larger community of collaborating scientists. Besides refining the techniques, future research approaches should include, but not be limited to, the physical characterization of the biofield, examination of mechanisms down to the cellular and molecular level for sensing and studying the emissions of the biofield, and the influence of psycho-logic and physical states on these processes.
The study of the mutual coupling of fields and radiative emissions on the one hand with biomolecular processes on the other, or otherwise stated, the intersection of biofield science with biochemistry, is a key research challenge for the future.
Also at the cutting edge of biofield research is the question of how the biofield may shift as a result of shifts in consciousness. File Size 244 KB - Putting aside any dramatic occurrences, if you're simply not happy with the "feel" of your home, it may just need a good clean out on the energetic level.
A unique process combining aspects of timeline therapy and energy healing as a self help tool in clearing unwanted negative emotions. Energy medicine, energy therapy or energy healing, Energy medicine, energy therapy or energy healing, a branch of complementary and alternative medicine, holds the belief that a healer can channel healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods: hands-on, hands-off, and distant (or absent) where the patient and healer are in different locations. Energy healing compliments and supports other modalities of healing and conventional treatments. These therapists consider the body to be a complex system of energy whereby, energy either flows through it or on its surface.
Clinical research and academic inquiries are being instituted for energy healing techniques in order to understand their effectiveness.
The premise of energy healing is that the human body is imbued with a subtle form of energy. For instance, traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, Qigong, behavioral changes and diet changes to set the energy imbalance right. The different techniques are quite similar and most accept that the physical body is surrounded by multilayers of energy. A therapist practicing pranic healing promotes this ability of the body for self-repair by increasing the life force or vital energy in the diseased part of the body. Pranic healing is applied to the auras of the body, which absorb the energy and pass it on to the organs of the physical body. This energy healing technique involves transferring energy between the therapist and the subject in order to harmonize the biofield and help the subject’s body heal itself. The physical human body has an energy twin, which is known by many names like aura, bioenergy field, ethereal body and human energy field. However, many people also believe in the power of energy healing techniques and claim to have benefited from them.

One possible influence of biofield phenomena is that they may act directly on molecular structures, changing the conformation of molecules in functionally significant ways. Living systems may be regarded as complex, nonlinear, dynamic, self-organizing systems of energetic and field phenomena. On the other hand, the essence of life is more similar to a flame, burning matter into energy and dancing not only with organized vitality, but also with an element of unpredictability or chaos.
The peak intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of the human biofield is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 4 to 20 microns in wavelength. All of these emissions are part of the human energy field, also called the biologic field, or biofield. Thus new technologic developments and methodologic improvements in measuring the biofield should be a central aim of health-related research. Thus a significant number of conventional medical tests already provide windows into the human biofield. Instead, we will focus on other ways of assessing other components of the human biofield, in particular, such as the energetic systems that may be associated with a subtle life energy or vital force important in self-healing, such as the acupuncture meridian system and the system of the chakras.
One way of assessing the components of the biofield that may be central to the living state and especially to healing is to study the therapeutic modalities that apparently employ the practitioner’s biofield: the biofield therapies, such as therapeutic touch, Reiki, Johrei, external qi therapy, and polarity therapy.
These are, in the more literal sense of the term, bioassays, which may help elucidate the key life-stimulating components of the human biofield and the action of these components at the cellular and biochemical levels.
In relation to this possibility is a less common form of therapy known as distant healing, in which the practitioner and patient are in different locations, ranging from many feet to many miles away. However, if one uses the GDV camera to make images before and after an intervention and observes the differences between the before and after images, then the geometric effects of local skin conductivity and common impedance remain relatively constant, whereas the perspiration and the whole body contribution correlated with biofield will be the changing factors contributing to any observed differences.
However, a concerted effort is needed to delineate and resolve the various issues described previously so as to advance the use of this method for biofield science. He reasoned that if acupuncture points were portals on the skin for channels of qi running through the body, then measuring this energy at the acupuncture points should be possible. This type of energy is extremely low level, but it can today be accurately measured with sophisticated instrumentation that is generally customized (Lin et al, 2006; Van Wijk and Van Wijk, 2005). Collecting the spatial data on humans is difficult, which requires that they remain still for a long time, with the risk that their blood flow may decrease in the process, affecting the biofield that researchers hope to measure.
The biofield therapies include external qigong therapy, therapeutic touch, Reiki, Johrei, pranic healing, polarity therapy, and other modalities. In this way, we may learn more about the healing modes of the human biofield and how it interacts with the cellular and biomolecular levels of order.
The authors found a statistically significant difference between the rate of changes in the values of electrodermal measurements on and off acupuncture points and between external focus and healing states. Joie Jones conducted studies on the effects of pranic healing on cultured cells at the University of California, Irvine, over many years (Jones, 2001). One problem is that biofield measurements assess energetic aspects of the body, which may either precede physical changes or possibly correlate with the present physical status of the body.
In any case, we anticipate that biofield measurements may not be definitive but will add yet another dimension to the clinical picture and the resolution of the health problems of a patient. Nonetheless, comparing biofield measurements of a specific subject over time may show meaningful changes that relate to the person’s state of health and may even provide evidence of a developing pathologic abnormality.
That is, by the principle of oriental medicine that blood follows qi, positive changes observed in the biofield after a medical intervention may be expected to correlate with a therapeutic benefit from that intervention. A growing body of basic science data can be found, preliminary and pilot studies, that provide support for the concept of a biofield.
The peer-reviewed literature, at least in English, reveals no biofield instruments to date that have been well documented or generally approved by the research community.
Once we clearly identify the various modes of this coupling, our understanding of energy medicine and other CAM therapies, and indeed of life itself, will move to a new level.
Understanding more about the human biofield in connection with psychophysiologic states such as healing and altered states might help facilitate an understanding of mind-body regulation and help build a bridge between energy medicine and mind-body medicine. From the proceedings of the Bridging Worlds and Filling Gaps in the Science of Healing, Chez RA, editor. In Krippner S, Rubin D, editors: The energies of consciousness, New York City, 1975, Gordon and Breach . Presented at the Biofield Meeting, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, M d, March 2006 . This Triple Energy Protection technique is a base guide, generally suitable for most people. Energy healing works by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in human enefgy field which surrounds and fills the body. They include human energy therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture, magnet therapy, bioelectromagnetic therapy, electrodermal therapy, and phototherapy, among others.
Another influence is that they may transfer bioinformation carried by very small energy signals interacting directly with the energy fields of life, which is more recently known as the biofield (Rubik et al, 1994). At the highest level of organization, each life form may possess an innate biologic field, or biofield, a complex, dynamic, weak energy field involved in maintaining the integrity of the whole organism, regulating its physiologic and biochemical responses, and integral to development, healing, and regeneration (Rubik, 1993, 1997, 2002b). Indigenous systems of healing such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and modern modalities such as chiropractic rest on concepts of a vital force or subtle life energy that is central to healing. However, no agreement has been reached in the scientific community on the definition of the biofield. By measuring various aspects of the biofield, we may be able to recognize organ and tissue dysfunctions even in advance of diseases or symptoms and treat them appropriately so as to eradicate them. In fact, the heart makes the greatest contribution to the electromagnetic, as well as the acoustic, human biofield. In most of these modalities, practitioners begin their patient treatment by sensing imbalances in patient biofields and then work to improve their energy regulation by transmitting energy to them, all through the use of their hands.
Invoking electromagnetic fields as causal in distant healing is impossible because electromagnetic energies diminish rapidly over distance, varying as the inverse of the square of the distance.
The relationship between this induced emission and the extremely low – level natural light of the endogenous biofield is unknown. Other analyses of the data can be made, depicted on subsequent screens in the software (not shown here), including the average body energy or overall qi, the upper and lower body energy ratio (hands vs. Systematic measurements of this extremely weak light emission from the body, the waveband of which is in the visible range from 400 to 720 nm in wavelength, represent one approach to assessing the radiant nonthermal human biofield. Gurvich also postulated the morphogenetic field theory of life (Lipkind, 1987), a precursor to Sheldrake’s (1981) morphogenetic field concept and the modern biofield hypothesis (Rubik, 2002 ). Typically, the practitioner uses his or her hands to sense a deficiency or imbalance in the patient’s biofield and then proceeds to alter or influence this imbalance by means of a subtle energy. An important factor to keep in mind is that these studies may show either the effects of an energy field associated with the human biofield of the practitioners or the effects of a universal life energy source on which they may draw, or some combination of both.
Ideally, researchers should have more objective standards for calibrating the healing power of a biofield practitioner. These studies suggest that the 8- to 10-Hz frequency band may be associated with emission from the human biofield during this therapeutic intervention. Using a bioassay with HeLa cells (a cell line derived from cervical cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks, who died from her cancer in 1951) in culture subjected to gamma radiation, the radiation survival rates for the cells with and without pranic healing were determined. Thus one may observe putative false positives in biofield indicators that actually reflect a pathologic process that has not yet developed in a measurable disease state or physiologic condition.
In this way, biofield measurements may be useful prognostically, as well as diagnostically.
Self-healing involves changing the biofield, which then organizes changes in the tissues at the deepest levels of the biochemistry. Further theoretical and experimental research is needed to refine and standardize the measurements of the biofield, develop new techniques, explore its relevance to health, disease, and healing, and otherwise continue to explore this frontier area. No substantial database of conditions and diseases correlated with any energy field measures of the human body has been published. However, this is just one aspect of the negativity and disruptive energies that have the potential to influence us on a daily basis. It is known as biofield energy healing, pranic healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki or Qigong. Then, the mystery of embryonic development from the fertilized egg to an organized integral animal should be considered, which may also involve innate energy fields, starting with the initial polarization of the fertilized egg.
By contrast, only a small number of scientists worldwide have worked to understand the energy fields of the human body. We may also be able to use biofield measurements to predict whether the effect of a particular course of therapy will be effective or ineffective, depending on whether it improves or thwarts the biofield.
The brain’s activity contributes to a lesser extent to the biofield because its field emission is weaker than that of the heart. A small but growing body of scientific evidence has been uncovered that biofield therapies show positive physical changes on living systems.
Nonetheless, many biofield practitioners, including Reiki and external qi therapists, often learn and practice both local and distant healing.

An important point to note is that the GDV images are induced light, not natural light, emitted from the body; thus their exact relationship to the natural field of the body, the biofield, are unclear.
Other researchers have used similar high-voltage electrophotographic techniques (not the GDV camera, however) to investigate the reproducibility of assessments of biofield practitioners compared with controls with significant results (Russo et al, 2001). In this way, each human subject can be viewed as having a unique energetic signature in GDV images that is consistent from day to day in adults who are healthy and not receiving therapeutic treatments. If excess energy is being conducted at a given point, it is called excitation (fullness), and if a lack of energy exists, then it is called inhibition (emptiness). This range might be correlated, as expected, to changes in health, disease, healing, and altered states of consciousness, according to the biofield hypothesis. The various biofield practices coevolved with different ideas about the origin of the energy transmitted and the role of the practitioner. Also possible is that the living targets of these biofield therapies may respond more to putative energies that are not measured by laboratory instruments. When practitioners trained in the same biofield therapy are studied in the laboratory, a great deal of variability results in their effects on target instruments, organisms, or humans. Thus changes in ELF magnetic fields were correlated with the practitioner’s sense of biofield manipulation (Connor and Schwartz, 2007).
This factor is in concordance with the principle of oriental medicine that blood follows qi; that is, the physical body will change according to the present status of the biofield. Three categories of biofield measurement from humans have been reviewed: (1) high-voltage electrophotography, (2) EDT, and (3) natural light emission (biophotons). The first aspect is that everything is Energy, which we have described time and again in the eBook Being Human. Spiritual healing is largely non-denominational: practitioners do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequiste for effecting a cure.
They may actually refer to something similar to the present-day concept of the biofield, which is, at least in part, based on the electromagnetic field theory of modern physics but, in principle, might also include acoustic and possibly other subtler energy fields not yet known to science. Similarly, an energy field view of life may be seen as complementary to the conventional biomolecular view rather than antagonistic. Moreover, measuring the biofield and understanding its role in life are more difficult than the study of more tangible phenomena, and the funding for the former has been extremely scarce. Additionally, phenomena such as resonance can occur, involving an energetic coupling of, or oscillation within, matter. In fact, some of the scientific evidence for the biofield and its importance in health and healing comes indirectly from these studies that assess the effects of these biofield therapies on humans and other living systems. Distant healing, which is often combined with spiritual healing and prayer, may involve no energy transfer whatsoever if it occurs by the principle of quantum nonlocality, or it may involve a putative energy not yet identified in science.
In this setting, energy emission analysis on patients was developed by Peter Mandel, who documented many clinical cases (Mandel, 1986). Nonetheless, meaningful results have been shown in some studies, consistent with improved energy regulation, for example, after qigong, and which are also consistent with measurements from using other types of biofield instrumentation. One result observed is that biofield practitioners were able to change their corona discharge parameters by the intent to emit energy, whereas controls were not. The software employs various conceptual and mathematical frameworks to apply the data to modeling of energy flow within the tissues, organs, and whole body.
Just as electrical conductivity measurements provide biofeedback on a patient’s nervous state to practitioners using GSR, EDS devices provide direct biofeedback or information on the biofield status or response of the patient. In external qi therapy and polarity therapy, the energy is thought to move from the practitioner’s body to the patient.
In a separate study that attempted to develop a literal bioassay for biofield therapy (using organisms as the measuring instrument), Reiki treatments on the growth of bacterial cultures (Escherichia coli K12) that had been damaged by heat shock treatment were analyzed along with a determination of the influence of healing context and practitioner well being on such effects. Results from 458 of the experiments indicated that treatment of the cells with pranic healing produced a dramatic increase in cell survival rate, from approximately 50% in control cells to approximately 90% in treated cells.
Thus an ideographic approach may be a more useful method in biofield science than the conventional scientific nomothetic approach, which is the quest for lawlike regularities in the study of large numbers of subjects.
No device has been consistently shown in controlled trials to produce energy field measurements that correlate well with diagnoses or therapeutic effects. These are techniques that can be applied to yourself, family members and even your home for a holistic approach to energy protection. The important difference between traditional and modern views of the vital force is that the biofield rests on physical principles and can be measured, whereas the traditional concepts remain metaphysical. We restrict the rest of this chapter to the electromagnetic portion of the human biofield where the main scientific focus has been. Therefore scientific advances in biofield research have been few, and biofield science remains a frontier area ripe for exploration. More direct evidence of the biofield has been gathered by measuring changes in the practitioner’s or the patient’s biofield before and after biofield therapy or before and after other energy medicine interventions. However, in this chapter, we will address only specific aspects of the human biofield that are tangible and can be measured. The global effects are associated with whole body contributions, including biofield elements such as the acupuncture meridians, which also relate to the common impedance of the body from all the organs and tissues ( Figure 20-6 ). Apparently, substances such as homeopathics in the vicinity of the human subject may alter the subject’s biofield by means of a resonance phenomenon. Although the EMAS is primarily designed for clinical practice, it can also serve as a useful tool for research in biofield science.
In Reiki, Johrei, and therapeutic touch, the energy is considered to come from universal source (the cosmos, divinity, and so forth) to patient, guided by the practitioner, who is viewed only as a conduit. In the healing context, the Reiki-treated plates exhibited an average of 2.6% more colonies than controls in 59% of the trials. Nonetheless, various biofield measures, such as the MSA, are believed to have predictive value for the appearance of disorders and diseases before they physically develop, allowing preventive action to be taken. Moreover, some of the commercial devices for measuring biofield components have algorithms for data analysis or interpretation that remain obscure or only vaguely revealed.
Nonetheless, considerable similarities exist between ancient concepts of the life force and modern biofield concepts in their assumption that a form of life-giving energy flows throughout the body and that illness arises as a result of blockages, excesses, or irregularities in its flow. The biophysical foundation of life, proposed here as the biofield, provides the rudiments of a scientific foundation for understanding some of mysteries of life that remain and may perhaps take us beyond into a new era of understanding life. From a theoretical perspective, we cannot calculate the human biofield from first principles because of its dynamic aspects and enormous complexity. However, the actual temperature and emissions pertaining to the infrared portion of the human biofield have been considered much less important thus far to clinicians and investigators. The Western style EDS devices are tools that can access aspects of the body’s biofield control system and communicate with it to obtain answers about the patient’s sensitivity to and need for nutritionals, remedies, and environmental substances.
For example, in Chinese medicine, an abnormal liver meridian does not necessarily mean that the liver organ itself is abnormal; rather, it refers to a primary energetic imbalance. It is particular well suited for investigating the before and after effects of any intervention on the acupuncture meridian system; it also provides a detailed view of the human energy system from the perspective of several different oriental medicine systems, which is unique. Practitioners’ social and emotional well being correlated with bacterial growth in both the healing and the nonhealing contexts (Rubik et al, 2006).
Jones noted that a subtle energetic conditioning of his laboratory contributed by the practitioners led to a stronger beneficial effect from pranic healing. Additionally, biofield therapies incorporate notions of a universal life energy, as in Reiki (a form of Japanese spiritual healing), qigong therapy, and many other types of human energy healing performed today. Nonetheless, we can measure certain aspects of the biofield and observe its footprints via novel technologies. Although we cannot and may never be able to measure the flow of qi per se, the greater uniformity observed in the GDV images is suggestive of improved energy regulation.
By these means, EDS may help diagnose conditions and diseases because it provides a highly individualized way to pose questions of the patient’s condition and obtain answers at the energetic level. Collectively, these experiments suggest that the condition of the energy environment in which studies are conducted may contribute to the variability of responses (Jones, 2006). Third, certain aspects exist to the biofield that may fluctuate rapidly such that no reliability in measurement may be seen, which may be the case for certain subjects more than others.
Many practitioners of biofield therapies can also assess imbalances in the human biofield either with their hands or intuitively. This lack of standardization causes further difficulties for research on biofield therapies. Repeated measurements may yield different values because the subject’s energy may be rapidly shifting.

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