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Oral ACV spreads widely throughout the body via bodily fluids, topical ACV works in the area of application but has little effect elsewhere in the body, and intravenous ACV is reserved for patients with compromised immune systems (such as those already suffering from HIV). This is where Valacyclovir provides an exciting and unexpected benefit: when taken in a daily suppressive regimen, Valacyclovir was found in an eight-month study to reduce Herpes transmission by 50% among susceptible partners. It must be stressed again that, while these drugs provide significant improvements in the lives of people infected with Herpes, there remains no cure. Valacyclovir is intended for use in the treatment of both genital and oral Herpes, helping to curb infections by reducing the frequency and severity of outbreaks.

When taken in a low dosage twice daily, Valacyclovir has a 44% likelihood of aborting lesions before they fully develop, though the chance of this happening is closely related to the quickness with which treatment is started. It has been approved by the FDA to treat both HSV-1 and HSV-2 during initial outbreaks, recurrent outbreaks, and as a therapy to suppress the virus’ activity for extended periods of time. The chance of the lesions fully aborting is almost twice as likely when treatment is begun less than six hours after the onset of symptoms. It must be stressed, though, that while drugs to control the infection are available and effective, there currently is no cure for a Herpes infection.

For best results, an Acyclovir regimen should begin at the first sign of Herpes sores or lesions. Using condoms will not only prevent pregnancy, but will also prevent against the transmission of various STIs (including Herpes).

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