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Acyclovir: Safe and Effective Antiviral Drug Against the Herpes Simplex Virus Herpes simplex also often referred to as fever blisters or cold sores is a disease caused by a particular virus. You might have a more complicated form of the virus which means you’ll have more frequent and more severe outbreaks.
Ways to Treat the Herpes Simplex Virus If your case of herpes simplex is moderate in nature your doctor is most likely to prescribe antiviral treatments topical or oral to use when an outbreak occurs. These drugs are most effective if you use them as quickly as possible following the onset of a herpes simplex outbreak. Should you suffer from recurring lesions or sores you should be wary of the possibility of bacterial infections forming beneath your broken skin. What are produced here instead are antibodies and these may result in succeeding manifestations of herpes simplex being different from those of the initial one. These acyclovir-containing medications work by stopping the virus that causes herpes simplex from undergoing reproduction effectively preventing it from spreading as well.

In a localized herpes simplex small blisters may become manifest on any of these body parts: the mouth and gums the tissues of one eye or the external genital organs. One antiviral drug that has been proven to be effective against the virus that causes herpes simplex is acyclovir. Known as episodic therapy this strategy treats your sores as necessary reducing their Bee Propolis Genital Herpes severity and speeding healing.
To increase your comfort during a flare-up of genital herpes wear loose-fitting pants and apply a cool or warm damp cloth to ease the sting while otherwise keeping the area dry and clean.
There are several anti-inflammatory medications that are available over the counter which may be used to help reduce the severity of symptoms of herpes simplex in the affected individual. Acyclovir has likewise been proven to help in lessening the severity and duration of a herpes simplex outbreak. Bee Propolis Genital Herpes unlike episodic therapy suppressive therapy’s aim is to prevent outbreaks altogether.

It’s also tempting to compensate by using body-grooming products Bee Propolis Genital Herpes such as a douche or perfume but these compounds can also irritate your outbreak and you should avoid them altogether until the sores heal. The most commonly prescribed drugs given to manage skin-based virus outbreaks are acyclovir valaclovir Bee Propolis Genital Herpes and famcyclovir.
If your doctor elects Bee Propolis Genital Herpes to use this option you’ll be given pills to take on a daily basis. These drugs are most effective if you use them as quickly as possible following the onset of a Bee Propolis Genital Herpes herpes simplex outbreak.

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