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Baking soda cure for cancer, medical herpes treatment - How to DIY

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In Vernon’s case, the prostate cancer was already advanced and had metastasized to his bones.
Instead of trying his luck with these orthodox cancer protocols, Vernon simply ordered cesium chloride.
Baking soda is different from washing soda (sodium carbonate) although they share the same slightly salty and alkaline taste.
This widely used soda is commonly dissolved in mineral water and used as a leavening agent in baking.
Other common personal hygiene products in which baking soda can be found include deodorants and shampoos. The medical uses of baking soda all involves raising the pH of the body by neutralizing acid. However, excessive intake of baking soda can just as easily cause high sodium levels in the body (hypernatremia) and hypertension. Therefore, cancer cells are using a lot more carbohydrates and sugars to generate energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). However, some of the compounds formed from the energy production include lactic acid and pyruvic acid. The high level of extracellular acidity around the tumor is one of the chief driving force behind the metastasis of cancer tumors. Some cancer experts, therefore, believe that by buffering the tumor microenvironment with an alkalizing compound, the pH of tumors can be raised enough to starve them and stop their growth and spread. By injecting sodium bicarbonate into a group of mice, the authors of the study were able to determine how the growth and spread of cancer tumors were effected by raising the pH of the organ affected by the cancer. The study results showed that baking soda indeed raised the pH and reduced spontaneous metastases in mice induced with breast cancer. The researchers noted that the injection of sodium bicarbonate in other animal models for cancer showed that the compound can also inhibit the spread of prostate cancer but not melanoma. Building on these results, researchers are trying to determine whether better results can be obtained by combining sodium carbonate with cancer drugs. The study results showed that the combination of the synthetic cancer drug, dichloroacetate, and the simple, proven household remedy, oral bicarbonate, did not reduce metastasis or tumor size. This study showed that sodium bicarbonate is not only a safer, cheaper cancer remedy, it is more effective than dichloroacetate. Even though most oncologists do not recommend sodium bicarbonate for their patients, they actually use it for the same purposes in chemotherapy.
Essentially, sodium bicarbonate raises the pH around these vital organs and prevent the cancer from spreading there and chemotherapy drugs from causing even greater destruction. To make the baking soda natural cancer remedy at home, you need maple syrup, molasses or honey to go along with the baking soda.
Another baking soda formula recommends mixing 90 teaspoons of maple syrup with 30 teaspoons of baking soda.

I have vocal cord cancer which was treated with radiation therapy a few mos ago but has rapidly returned.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 years ago and after much of prayer I immediately changed my diet to an alkaline diet which is basically fruits,vegetables, beans, nuts, etc.
To the above with throat cancer, I think gargling it would be an excellent idea, as well as ingesting some. As soon as my dad had diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to his knee bone.
I have a friend who are currently on chemotherapy and whom I recommended baking soda solution.
My massage therapist turned me on to sea salt and baking soda to pull toxins and lactic acid from the muscles along with other benefits. I started with 1tsp of bicarb soda with 1tsp black molasses in glass of water 2 times a day, plus Vit C infusions once a week with B6 and also B12.
My diet was all greens, no dairy, no carbs, except in fruit, I ate nuts as snack food, I had my first scan at 4 months after my operation, I was cancer free, since had another scan and also 3 blood tests all clear, I still regularly have 1 tsp of the carb every second day or so.I have been told the carb alkalizes the body and cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body. My husband has lung cancer called ADENOCARCINOMA he diagnose last march 2014 and he not undergo any treatment we just looking for some alternative medicine or herbal that can help and cure him.
Hello, My father has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer, he is 88 and also aneamic from the loss of blood from the ulcer. Your page fails to note that the Doctor who developed this theory has been charged with Manslaughter, after patients that he had on this treatment died from cancer. How many doctors, oncologists and surgeons have been charged for misdiagnosis and manslaughter from chemo and radiotherapy complications as well as botched operations.
My brother ended up in intensive care unit for more than 4 weeks after suffering analphylactic shock from his first chemo session, despite me warning against it. My husband has salivary gland cancer and it has gone to his bones and lung and lymph nodes.
The standard treatment required him to submit to bouts of chemotherapy and hope that the poisonous drugs that will be fed into his body can kill off cancer cells faster that they can kill off healthy, normal cells. On his brother’s advice, Vernon decided to raise his body’s pH to combat the cancer spreading in his body. However, Vernon did not give up on raising his pH levels and making his body too alkaline for cancer cells to spread. It is included in toothpastes for similar reasons where it serves as an antiseptic, acid-neutralizer, whitening agent and plaque-removing agent as well as a cleaning agent.
Other conditions that can be caused by baking soda overload include metabolic alkalosis, congestive heart failure and edema triggered by high blood levels of sodium.
This is an important finding because it suggests that sodium bicarbonate does not interfere with cellular metabolism even as it makes the microenvironment unconducive for tumor growth.
It raises pH levels around cancer cells by inhibiting the breakdown of sugars and the production of acidic intermediates in these cells.

Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, regularly treats his cancer patients with baking soda. Simoncini believes oral sodium bicarbonate is most appropriate for cancers affecting the digestive tract, other oncologists and cancer patients such as Vernon have proven that oral sodium bicarbonate can indeed effectively treat cancer affecting deep-seated organs. Simoncini, on the other hand, gives glucose intravenously along with sodium bicarbonate for the same purpose. Sircus’ book, he documented how one patient used baking soda and blackstrap molasses to fight the prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones.
I believe in Germany Drs are successfully operation and injecting bi carb directly into the cancers.
My experience with the baking soda and molasses continues to be positive now 7 months out with a very aggressive cancer in the beginning. Just think about it…decades and decades and billions (if not trillions) of dollars in fundraising and research has resulted in ZERO cures for cancer!
While searching for alternatives, he happened on a cheap and commonly available alkalizing source: baking soda. In his experience, oral, intravenous and aerosol delivery of sodium bicarbonate are effective in treatment of breast and prostate cancers as well as other types of cancer except for brain cancer. On the first day, the patient mixed 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of molasses in a cup of water. People say it’s a great way of killing cancer cells but it does not help repair the good cells like THC and CBD do (hemp oil). Since normal cells are starved in cancer patients, the oncologist recommends healthy energy sources such as honey, black strap molasses and maple syrup.
When you are at 8 (pH)or above you are killing cancer cells,(4 to 5 days only) and then rest your system with a lit’l acid. Giving her apricot kernels, baking soda (for raising ph) and giving her a THC dominant hemp oil.
BUT cancer cells have an enzyme that normal cells don’t have which are called beta-glucosidase. Since the THC is a slippery cannabinoid I heard it can easily enter the brain and open receptors for apoptosis to occur.
Nothing but good can come from the intake of the baking soda, simply manage your intake so you don’t become TOO alkaline.
The beta-glucosidase enzyme releases both the benzaldehyde and cyanide so they are no longer bound (which are now unsafe) and they kill that cell (they kill the cancer cell).

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