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Marijuana will lower IOP by about 20% in about 60% of people but the complications of short duration and excessive undesirable side effects make it essentially worthless for the treatment of glaucoma.
Omega 3 fatty acids provide many benefits for many systems in the human body and the maintenance of vascular health is one benefit that clearly benefits the health of the optic nerve where glaucoma damage occurs.
None of the alternative therapies for glaucoma have proven to be effective enough to circumvent conventional medical treatments so they should be used with guidance from your glaucoma specialist and in conjunction with other appropriate proven treatments. It is reasonable to assume that consuming foods or taking supplements with a high antioxidant content could protect the optic nerve from oxidative damage and limit the progression of glaucoma. If you are considering taking oral supplements in order to treat your glaucoma it is important to first consult with your primary doctor (your internist or family physician).
Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Cataracts was the actual product featured in the Richard & Judy TV Trials and the Daily Mail newspaper features. The good news is that several of the underlying factors that cause glaucoma can now be prevented, and even reversed, using natural remedies instead of drugs; this offers new hope to the millions of people at risk from this very debilitating disease of the eyes.
In a recently published study on people it was shown that a proprietary blend of extracts from French maritime pine bark and bilberry can help to combat the underlying mechanisms leading to glaucoma.
Another recent study revealed researchers who have found a nutrient intervention that brings us one more step closer to finally combating vision-robbing glaucoma once and for all.
The most recent study involved patients who all had elevated intraocular pressure, but who hadn’t yet show any signs of open-angle glaucoma when they were given thorough and complete eye examinations.
All three of the treatment groups in the study showed improvements, or a lowering of their intraocular pressure, which was very carefully measured under the study’s protocol, and in triplicate, to help decrease the chances of any random variations or errors. The promising findings from this study in May 2010 also add to the already mounting amount of evidence pointing to a far greater role of nutrients being used for prevention and in maintaining acute vision and good eye health. Glaucoma is an age-related disease and the most common type is painless and can therefore go unnoticed for many years unless regular checkups and eye examinations are carried out and can lead to vision loss or eventually to complete blindness.
The people who are most at risk for glaucoma are people who are sixty years old and above, diabetics and ethnic people of African-American, Hispanic, and Asian backgrounds. Newer adjunct and investigative glaucoma therapies include neuroprotection which can include additional nutrients to help support antioxidant pathways and vascular integrity. Another very exciting breakthrough is the use of the natural compound N-Acetyl-Carnosine (or NAC for short).

Glaucoma consists of a group of diseases which attack the optic nerve and involves a loss of retinal ganglion cells in the characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Tunnel vision is the visionary defect most commonly associated with glaucoma and is a very real phenomenon that occurs when about forty percent of the optic nerve fibers within the eye become damaged and eventually die. NAC glaucoma eye drops, when applied regularly throughout the day, immediately go to work to start rejuvenating the damaged cells and repairing the damage caused by glaucoma. NAC glaucoma eye drops also have excellent prophylactic properties and should be used regularly to stop the onset of glaucoma and many other degenerative eye conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome to name but a few. Now, with a far greater understanding of the many different factors associated with the development of glaucoma, researchers are looking more and more towards natural antioxidants and compounds and their related reactions on cell defense and signaling to support the integrity of the delicate tissues within the eye and to support the healthy flow of eye fluids and the aqueous humour. WARNING: Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Eye Drops For Cataracts was the actual product featured in the Richard Judy TV Trials and the Daily Mail newspaper features.
Glaucoma often progresses without any noticeable symptoms until it has already damaged the optic nerve. In their test group of human subjects, a combination of these nutrients addressed one of the main contributory factors of glaucoma which is elevated intraocular pressure within the eyes, giving a reduction of as much as twenty-four percent. So thankfully hope is now in sight for the millions of people world-wide suffering with glaucoma which is a truly devastating and debilitating eye disease. Initially, all of the subjects who received the Xaltan prescription eye drops saw the most rapid reduction in their intraocular eye pressures of twenty-eight percent after the first four weeks of treatment.
This third test group also began to show statistically significant intraocular pressure lowering of twenty-eight percent after four weeks, but the degree of intraocular pressure lowering after twenty-four weeks using both products was forty percent, which was far greater than those who were using Xalatan on its own (28%). Even with standard prescribed medications and treatments intraocular pressure within the eyes may continue to escalate and glaucoma can continue to advance until ultimately the progression leads to complete blindness. So, anything that has been shown to protect nerve tissue from damage (provide “neuroprotection”) could have a role in the treatment of glaucoma.
Several studies have shown that patients with glaucoma have damage in the DNA of the trabecular meshwork that can be attributed to oxidative stress. It is estimated that up to fifty percent of people suffering with glaucoma go un-diagnosed, and as many as ten percent of people eighty years of age and over are affected by glaucoma so it is a very serious problem world-wide. The patients were assigned at random to receive either the oral nutrient compound made from French maritime bark extract and phenolic bilberry extract, or Xalatan eye drops which are one of the most common prescribed drugs for glaucoma, or a combination of both the nutrient compound and the Xaltan eye drops, for a total period of 24 weeks.

These prostaglandins, which are used in the medical therapy treatment of glaucoma to lower intraocular pressure inside the eye, are prone to complications associated with both their short term and longer term use so are far from ideal.
Natural prevention takes on a whole new dimension in the fight against glaucoma as eye specialists begin to recognise that high intraocular pressure may not be the defining characteristic for diagnosing glaucoma, or for predicting if the disease will get worse. As they are 100% natural there are non of the adverse side-effects commonly associated with prescription drugs for glaucoma, which include swelling, inflammation and ocular cysts. It is generally considered that persistent and progressive IOP is the single most contributing factor to the development of this disease; open-angle glaucoma which is usually diagnosed in at least eight out of every ten glaucoma suffers. Xalatan and other PGF2a-derived prescription eye drops are not good prophylactics to stop glaucoma from developing for many people who have elevated intraocular pressure or other similar predisposing conditions of the eyes. Twenty-five percent of people who have glaucoma have intraocular pressure measurements which are still within the normal range. So when these cells become damaged by glaucoma it causes our vision to deteriorate and, if left entreated, will eventually lead to complete blindness.
Many patients with elevated intraocular pressure have seen their eye pressures return to within the normal range in just six weeks of starting the treatment and have also noticed an improvement in their peripheral field of vision which is previously unheard of with conventional medications as NAC is the only substance with this unique ability to rejuvenate and regenerate damaged cells. Also, up to one in ten patients who suffer with elevated intraocular pressure, and who are treated with standard surgical or medical treatments, may still progress to developing glaucoma.
Because of its intense desire for a second electron, singlet oxygen doesn’t stay “single” very long. Richardson is a recognized and respected, cataract and glaucoma surgeon; and is among an elite group of eye surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. Richardson has also given talks about this glaucoma surgery at the national meetings of eye surgeons.

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