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Alternative nursing, complementary and alternative medicine school - How to DIY

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It seems like nursing comes up in nearly every conversation about in-demand careers these days. Nursing could be the career for you even if you’ve never pictured yourself donning scrubs and tending to patients day in and day out. We talked to RNs who have worked outside of the hospital walls to bring you the inside scoop on six alternative nursing careers. If you’re flexible, curious and open to change, a career in corporate consulting could be the best fit for your nursing background.
In addition to changing the healthcare field for the better, RNs working in IT can expect an earning potential that far exceeds a standard nursing position.
Crow leverages her nursing experience as a clinical analyst, evaluating data, gathering information and researching technology. She claims her up-to-date nursing skills keep her connected to her students and the topics she’s teaching.
If healthcare education sounds like the best of both worlds to you, Dawkins recommends getting some teaching training under your belt to give you the best opportunity for success in this alternative nursing career.

Check out these work-from-home nursing careers to see if they’re a good match for you! Almost 30 percent of registered nurses worked in hospitals in May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while almost 14 percent worked in home health care and more than 8 percent worked in nursing care facilities. EducationAn older nurse with a master’s degree in nursing can go into nursing education. BusinessOccupational health nursing in a large factory or other company is less physically taxing than working in a hospital, and the hours are more likely to be 8 a.m. InformaticsNursing informatics combines nursing skills with computer science and information science and involves managing data and facilitating patient care.
A traditional nursing career isn’t the only way you can take advantage of an RN degree in the growing healthcare industry. There are a variety of legitimate nursing jobs you can do from the comfort of your living room.
There are plenty of opportunities to put your nursing skills to good use outside the hospital walls.

Holistic nursing allows nurses to bond with their patients on a deeper level, and give a patients a more personal experience. A job in sales comes with its perks: a more flexible schedule and higher earning potential than many traditional nursing jobs.
A work-from-home career could be in your future if you’re willing to gain experience in a traditional nursing position first. Community health nursing in a clinic is another option and offers the benefit of caring for patients over a period of months or years instead of a few days in the hospital. Training or troubleshooting might require the nurse informaticist to spend time in the clinical units, but the focus is on computers and the nursing staff rather than patient care.

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