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Join a global community of passionate practitioners, teachers and advocates to embody excellence in the field of Natural Medicine.
Holistic Medicine Schools: What You Need to KnowHolistic healing methods may be steeped in ancient tradition, but natural health degree programs have only become prevalent in the last few decades. Holistic Health: Getting Started GuideHolistic medicine encompasses many methods but all focus on healing the mind and body together. Holistic Health School in San Diego CountyPhysical health is linked to mental and spiritual health and has found a place in mainstream health care.

Holistic Nursing Schools and CareersHolistic nurses see the healing of the whole person as their goal, and they draw on a variety of therapies to broaden their scope of practice. Holistic Health Practitioner Certification and CareersHolistic health practitioners offer an increasingly respected alternative that emphasizes total wellness of mind, body, emotions and spirit.
Holistic Health Career and School GuideToday is a great time to become a holistic health practitioner because of the demand for qualified holistic health professionals.
Five Reasons to Get a Natural Health DegreeBody, mind and spirit—alternative medicine professionals view all three aspects as vital to our health.

And students looking for holistic health schools in Colorado will find two institutes that provide holistic health online training programs to match their needs.

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