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Alternative medicine review impact factor, traditional medicine in uganda - Review

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The impact factor (or journal impact factor (JIF)) is a "metric or measure" of significance ascribed to a journal based on the number of times articles within a journal are cited over time. More specifically, impact factors are determined by averaging number of citations journals receive, and the average number of times articles within journals are cited by other authors.
The impact factor was conceived by Eugene Garfield, an information scientist, in the late 1950s, and came into widespread use in the 1970s.
University libraries use impact factors to determine the influence of journals and to see the relationships built across institutions between researchers.
Aggregate impact factor - calculated by # of citations to all journals in category and number of articles from all the journals in the subject category. Impact factors are useful metrics for the comparison of journals and their influence within a field. Journals with low circulation, regardless of scientific merit of content, will never obtain high impact factors.
Since defining the quality of an academic publication is problematic, involving non-quantifiable factors, such as the influence on scientists, assigning a value is difficult. The number of researchers, average number of authors and nature of results in different research areas, make impact factors between different groups of scientists difficult. Generally, medical journals have high impact - a fact accepted by publishers but this does not mean they are useful in other fields--such a use is an indication of misunderstanding.

Reliability-Based Citation Impact Factor seeks to quantify a journal's effectiveness, and incorporates citation data over the journal's lifespan instead of more recent performance histories. Y-Factor (see Bollen et al, 2006) proposes to use Google PageRank with the ISI impact factor to distinguish the "quality" of citations and improve IF calculations. The table shows the top 10 journals by Impact Factor, PageRank and a modified system that combines the two. Here you can find much information about Alternative Medicine Review Impact Factor manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. A few top journals in medicine are the New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Lancet.
For example, a sponsor of research may want to compare the productivity of its projects and their impact. They may not involve improving the quality of published science as journals sometimes may publish a larger percentage of reviews. Citation analysis of orthopaedic literature; 18 major orthopaedic journals compared for Impact Factor and SCImago. At times, an objective measure of the importance of publications is needed and the impact factor (or number of publications) is the only one available. While some articles are uncited after 3 years, nearly all review articles receive one citation within three years raising the impact factor of the journal.

The New England Journal of Medicine is cited more often than Nature or Science which might reflect the mix of review articles and original articles it publishes. In all cases, it is relevant to consider the rank of the journal in a category of its peers, rather than the raw Impact Factor value. Or you are a Alternative Medicine Review Impact Factor manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.
Therefore, journals that generate a higher impact in the field have a larger (or higher) Eigenfactor score.
Most papers published in a high impact journal will be cited fewer times than the impact factor suggests, and some will not be cited at all. The journal impact factor should not be used as a substitute measure of the impact of individual articles in the journal. Most of these factors are discussed along with ways for correcting the figures for these effects if desired.

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