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Visit our advisors page so you can direct students that have an interest in naturopathic medicine to the right resources to help them make an informed decision. National College of Natural Medicine Nabs Prestigious Awards at AANP Conference President David Schleich and Dr. The AANMC offers seven accredited naturopathic medical programs at eight campus locations in North America. Named by The Princeton Review as one of the 168 best medical schools in the country, the School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University develops leaders in the evolving field of natural medicine.
The Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program is accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), a specialized accrediting board recognized by the U.S.
Enrollment in acupuncture and other 'complementary medicine' programs has fallen in Britain. Starting this year, it will no longer be possible to receive a degree from a publicly-funded British university in areas of "alternative medicine," including homeopathy, naturopathy, and reflexology.
Derby University, in the Midlands of the United Kingdom, said that as of 2012 it was shutting down its complementary medicine department. Until last year, students at Salford University in Manchester could take a bachelor of science degree in homeopathy, Chinese medicine or acupuncture - all disciplines regarded as non-scientific in the wider science community.

Alternative medicine university coursework still persists, though, in many European countries, including France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain.
However, today, nearly all scientists dismiss this and other alternative medicines like acupuncture and chiropractic as unscientific, saying people who claim they work are merely observing a placebo effect.
While he can't explain the drop in applications, Peters says the cost of running alternative medicine courses was the main reason for closing them.
However, despite the lack of medical benefit, alternative treatments remain popular in the UK and other parts of Europe.
Gerontology schools offer interdisciplinary programs that involve the comprehensive study of human aging and the experiences that surround growing old.
The ability to view inside the body without having to perform surgery has resulted in major advancements in medicine. Bastyr's accredited naturopathic doctor (ND) degree program is internationally renowned for its rigorous curriculum, comprehensive clinical training and groundbreaking research.
The post-baccalaureate program allows students with non-science backgrounds or students missing a significant number of classes to complete the prerequisites for the naturopathic medicine program.
Meanwhile, the University of Westminster, in central London, which used to be the country's leader of alternative medicine degrees, is no longer taking on new students in this area of study for the fall 2012 semester.

Many pharmacies like this continue to sell a wide range of homeopathic pills, and there are practitioners of alternative medicine in many major cities. Population-based prevention programs have led to major advances in public health, and the healthcare industry is placing greater emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.
Our graduates consistently earn top scores on the Naturopathic Licensing Examinations (NPLEX), and go on to lead diverse, meaningful careers in natural medicine.
A copy of the CNME Handbook of Accreditation for Naturopathic Medical Colleges and Programs (2007 edition) is on reserve in the Bastyr University Library. There is no better place to earn a well-respected, nationally recognized degree in natural medicine than Bastyr.

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