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Alternative medicine leaves man with inch wide hole in his head, herpes simplex 1 genital area - Test Out

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Man left with an inch-wide HOLE in his head after using 'quack' ointment to treat skin cancerAustralian, 55, had inch-wide hole in his temple after using 'drawing salve'Man used Black salve on side of his head for four monthsBlack salve is used as an 'alternative medicine' for skin lesions The treatment has been condemned in both U.S. An Australian man created an inch-wide hole in his head using an ointment he thought would help treat his skin cancer. Doctors at Princess Alexandra Emergency Department in Brisbane were shocked when the man entered the ward in September last year.He was using a ‘strong narcotic analgesic used to relieve pain’ to combat the agony and doctors initially believed they would have to operate.

However, he was sent home to tend to the wound with proper instructions and it healed within three months. The 55-year-old entered a Brisbane hospital with a large lesion on his right temple after allegedly using Black salve, an ‘alternative medicine’ ointment.The man is believed to have been applying the salve for four months and he did not turn to professional medical care until there was a black hole in his head.
The man had admitted to staff he had been applying an alternative medicine to the area, which staff believe was a type of Black salve.

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