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Back in June, a female cancer patient, who was only identified as Fern, paid Gammil $2,000 for the treatment. Gammill was eventually arrested and the police did a search of his home, where they found 25,000 prescription medicines, which originated from Russia and Mexico. Gammill was charged with multiple cases that included dependent adult abuse, furnishing dangerous drugs without a license and practicing medicine without a license, the report further said.

The police are asking the public for any more leads from other possible victims to call (805) 383-8700 for Southern California residents and (925) 313-2600 for Northern California residents. She was given several Ziploc bags containing different medications that consisted of powders, capsules, oils in vials and Russian medicines with expired shelf-life dates. Now Man accused of giving bag of dirt to cancer patient as treatment Man arrested after swindling cancer patient, sheriff's says Ventura County Sheriff's Office Medications and chemicals seized by investigators from a Northern California man's home and office.

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