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Although there are many medical ways to help asthma sufferers breathe easier, experts recommend combining certain natural home remedies with prescription anti-inflammatories and bronchodilators.
Herbal Remedies for ColdsThere is no cure for the common cold, but there are many safe, effective herbal remedies for colds that both prevent and shorten the course of this seasonal illness. A traditional Chinese herbal remedy may be significantly helpful in relieving daily symptoms of asthmatic patients, Japanese researchers say. A study of more than 270 patients with asthma who either received a Chances mixture or standard treatment demonstrated that the herbal treatment worked better in removing symptoms compared to inhaled steroid and a bronchodilator. After 16 days of treatment, 94 percent of those who took the herbal remedy became completely free from asthma symptoms while about three-fourths of those taking standard medications still had daily wheeze and other symptoms, says the report presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (AAAAI). The herbal medicine used in the study was a remedy used in kampo, the Japanese study and adaptation of Traditional Chinese medicine.
The mixture included Scutellaria root, Coptis rhizome, gardenia fruit, hoelen, cinnamon bark, and Glycyrrhiza (aka licorice) root, said lead author and head of the Yoshiteru Shimoide Clinic of Internal Medicine in Kagoshima City Dr. Presence of some poisonous plants in the mixture, for instance, had led to kidney damage in some patients.
Health experts warned patients with asthma to avoid testing such treatments at home before their efficacy and safety are proven in large and long term clinical trials.
Researchers have found that regular coffee drinkers have one-third fewer asthma symptoms than those who don't drink the hot stuff.

Studies have shown that these properties can reduce the constriction of the airways in an asthma attack.
Raw onions are generally too irritating, but eating cooked onions may help to lessen asthma attacks. It's not easy, but being a bit obsessive about keeping a clean house goes a long way toward helping to alleviate asthma symptoms. The increase in fluids thins out the mucus formed during an asthma attack so it can be coughed up, making breathing easier.
Research discovered that people with asthma had low levels of vitamin C; eating foods that had at least 300 mg of vitamin C a day -- equivalent to about three glasses of orange juice -- cut wheezing by 30 percent.
These fatty acids seem to help the lungs react better to irritants in people who have asthma and may even help prevent asthma in people who have never had an attack. Studies have found that kids who eat fish more than once a week have one-third the risk of getting asthma, as compared to children who don't eat fish. And researchers discovered that people who took fish oil supplements, equivalent to eating 8 ounces of mackerel a day, increased their body's ability to avoid a severe asthma attack by 50 percent.
Vitamin B12 can alleviate the symptoms of asthma, and it seems to be even more effective in asthma sufferers who are sensitive to sulfite. Studies have found that taking 1 to 4 micrograms (mcg) works best as protection against asthma attacks.

This is a folk remedy for a homemade vaporizer: Put 1 quart nonchlorinated water in a stainless steel, glass, or enamel pan, and put it on the stove. Getting rid of animal products in the diet helps asthma by eliminating many food allergens (cow's milk, for example).
Remember, though, that vegan diets can be deficient in protein and B12, which can be especially risky for kids and pregnant or lactating women. The author of four books, Gower is also a contributing editor for Health magazine.Alice Lesch Kelly is a health writer based in Boston. Linnea Lundgren has more than 12 years experience researching, writing, and editing for newspapers and magazines. She is the author of four books, including Living Well With Allergies.Michele Price Mann is a freelance writer who has written for such publications as Weight Watchers and Southern Living magazines.
He is author or co-author of four books, including The Common Symptom Answer Guide, and has written for publications including the Boston Globe, The Lancet, and USA Today.

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