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Alternative medicine conferences 2014, home remedies for fever blisters herpes - Reviews

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Join 150+ pre-health and professional students from Southern California in learning how a whole-person approach to medicine can address the healthcare needs of the 21st Century. The conference will feature insightful speakers from a diverse cross section within the above mentioned sectors including government, public and private companies, fund managers, bankers, brokers, investors, lawyers, accountants, analysts, and media representing all aspects of these industries we represent. MISSION: To Provide Financial Solutions for the Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp and Alternative Medicine Industries. In this 21 century, there have been conscious efforts by countries like China, India, and Ghana etc to integrate the tradition herbal medicine into the modern health systems.
The Africa Herbal & Alternative Medicine Conference will be a top level event which will discuss the current needs, challenges and steps to improving the healthcare system through the use of herbal medicine and nutritional food supplements.

Prepare a common declaration for the medicinal plants and herbal products in the African herbal sector. The role of herbal medicine and nutritional products in the development of African health system. Management continues to receive and review numerous proposals including: alternative medicine, health, food, agri-business, legal grow-ops, science and technology, client generation, education, public awareness, specialty clinics and ancillary business opportunities. Provisions of healthcare and medicinal resources to improve health delivery and better human life have been the topmost agenda for every government and organization. With the current influx of herbal medicine, food supplement products and quest to integrate these practices into the modern health system, there is the urgent need to get stakeholders together to discuss the best ways to improve this sector to contribute to the quality of health services in Ghana and Africa.

Tradition Herbal medicine has played a vital role in the development of the Africa health system since existence of life.

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