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Medical Acupuncture of Tulsa are ready and waiting to help you achieve your full health potential!
In this country biological medicine is also called Naturopathic Medicine but it came from Germany and is called German Biological Medicine in that country. Biological Medicine is not a new fad that has suddenly appeared on the scene, but an evolution of scientific investigation focused on natural healing techniques.
Thus practitioners of biological medicine use techniques that can induce a self-regulatory reaction in our innate (God given) healing mechanisms.

Biological Medicine centers on discovering underlying sources of illness so that a tailored treatment plan can restore the body to optimal health. Practitioners of Biological Medicine do more than simply alleviate symptoms; they look for the cause of those symptoms to resolve the underlying issue.
Biological medicine practitioners explore each of these areas, and more, with their patients.
Like some other forms of medicine it believes in the God given wisdom of the body in knowing how to heal itself.

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