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Rural Medical College - Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University - Medical university, India offering medical education in medicine, biotechnology, physiotherapy, dental, bioscience management, nursing, MBA. The objective of the Institute is to lay a foundation and create advanced academic and research environment for medical and other health science manpower that would identify and deal effectively with peculiar problems faced in implementing a comprehensive rural health care package in the country. The Institute has emerged as an alternative to traditional medical and health care programs through internationalization, innovation in academic and research studies and attained Deemed University status in 2003.
There are five main study programs with in the PIMS: medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nursing, and para-medical (medical laboratory technology, x-ray technology, dental technology, and dental hygiene). The Rural Medical College since its inception in 1984 - first of its kind in India, is dedicated to serving society as a center of excellence with emphasis on socially meaningful medical education, research and health care. The college was permanently affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik as well as University of Pune till it became a constituent unit of this University in 2003.

The College is a pioneer in the country to introduce Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in undergraduate medical programme.
The institute has been in the process of blending the ongoing teaching methods such as Community Oriented Medical Education (COME), integrated teaching, micro teaching, and project based learning, into the PBL. To understand the peculiar nature of the problems encountered while delivering health care services to the rural masses, it is very important to look beyond the medical sciences and employ an integrated approach. The college posted its draft policy over the summer and drew almost 700 submissions from doctors, other health practitioners and lay people, one of the largest responses to a regulatory proposal it has ever received.
Critics included the Canadian Medical Association, which said the policy should emphasize the lack of science behind some of the therapies. On the other hand, a spokesman for a pro-alternative-medicine physicians group said the revised policy, while an improvement, still could leave such doctors open to unfair investigation and prosecution by the college.

Appropriate, relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills are made available to grass roots level community members to post doctoral research workers in medical and health sciences.
Students posted to the Department of Community Medicine learn aspects related to environmental, social, cultural, economic factors influencing the health of the community. Craig Appleyard, spokesman for the Ontario Society of Physicians for Complementary Medicine.

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