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While doctors are schooled in traditional Western medicine, a growing number like Michelfelder are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to stay healthy, then integrating the techniques into their medical practices. Doctors who work in hospital integrative medicine departments or use CAM methods in their own practices say their referrals from other physicians have been steadily increasing, though many physicians are still reluctant to suggest it. Doctors themselves might contribute to this problem by narrowly believing in what they were taught in medical school and adopting paternalistic attitudes towards their patients. I come with my parents to the hospital sometimes (who are terminally ill), and at times I feel like the doctors are using my mom as a convenient way to play with their toys.
Doctors are medical care providers who deal with many sick people in clinics, hospitals or homes.
Herbs like gingko and echinacea have gained a foothold in modern medicine as more Canadians turn to alternative therapies to treat illnesses.

A growing number of Canadian children with chronic illnesses are being treated with complementary medicine, researchers say, but parents don’t always tell doctors they are using the alternative therapies. In a survey of parents having their children treated at two Canadian pediatric hospitals, researchers found that alternative medicines and such therapies as massage and chiropractic were commonly used. The research, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, found almost 20 per cent of families surveyed said they had not told their physician or pharmacist about using both prescription and alternative medicines together.
The most common complementary medicines used were multivitamins or minerals, herbal products and homeopathic remedies, while the most often-used alternative therapies were massage, chiropractic, relaxation and aromatherapy. Almost half reported using forms of complementary remedies at the same time as being treated by conventional medicine, while about 5 per cent said they used such alternative therapies instead of standard medicine. The study also found that about 56 per cent of respondents were treating their youngsters with alternative forms of medication at the same time as they were taking prescription drugs.

King said the study suggests that families want doctors and other health providers to ask about the use of complementary medicine, and they want a reliable source of information about their potential benefits and harms. But doctors agree that patients themselves are the ones who have pushed much of the change in health care.
You are encouraged to work with doctors and pharmacists who actually care about your health goals. Only doctors have the expertise to review your symptoms and recommend the right dosage for you.

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