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CONTROVERSIAL alternative treatments given to four cancer patients in Perth hastened their deaths, the State’s deputy coroner has found. Austrian doctor Hellfried Sartori was the mastermind behind the treatment, and the inquest heard he had his medical licence revoked in several states of the USA and was jailed for practising medicine without a licence. The treatment, which the patients were told would cure them of cancer, was an administration of an IV High pH Cancer Therapy, using a range of substances including caesium, the industrial solvent DMSO, and laetrile – all of which are potentially toxic.
Ms Vicker said she more concerned that Dr Boyd did not use her conventional medical knowledge to stop the treatment for patients who were clearly suffering than the fact she administered the treatment. He has a long history of “vitamin” and “ozone” cancer cures, charging up to $40,000 in Australia. The Thai doctor, and my surgeon friend in Australia recommend either wide excision surgery (taking off a 4mm margin around the lesion and skin-grafting some of my neck or earlobe there), or Mohs micrographic procedure, (where they screen the flesh cuts as they go, until the lab says it's all clear of the cancer). First, you need to know that Black Salve is a soft, black paste that contains several compounds, among them Zinc Chloride, Bloodroot and Galangal, and is applied directly to skin cancers. Here are a few more digital photos, so that if my experience (good or bad) can help anyone else with a BCC, or any other skin cancer,  my journey (and webpage article) will not have been a waste of time.

Outside the main dead cancer, there are some pores with cancer that were detected by the Black Salve.
The truth is that oncologists and other trained medical professionals involved in cancer care welcome and support effective cancer treatments in any form, provided there is evidence to show they can work and are safe.
The herb comfrey, also recommended as an alternative cancer treatment, actually causes cancer.
Some natural products used in conventional cancer medicine had for centuries been part of traditional folk remedies and have been adapted for modern use after being rigorously tested.
So the difference between alternative and conventional is not that one is natural and the other is not. Oncologists will only prescribe treatments if they have been tested in this way and are found to be effective and safe. Some alternative cancer therapists also promote fad diets, but there is no evidence to support this approach.
Over the past century, average Australian life expectancy has increased by almost 30 years, largely through a combination of improved infection control, sanitation, diet, immunology and many other advances in medical science.

Aspirin dissolves extra cancer risk in inherited condition and could have same effect for others. For example, laetrile, an extract from apricot kernels, was for years promoted as a natural alternative therapy for cancer; yet it is utterly useless for treating cancer and can cause fatal cyanide poisoning. One group receives the new treatment and the other group is given a different treatment or a placebo; the results are then compared.
A trial is designed to show that any significant difference in patient outcomes can only be the result of the treatment being tested. These include extracts from the yew tree (docetaxel, paclitaxel), the opium and mandrake plants (epipodophyllotoxins) and from natural moulds that produce doxorubicin and related drugs, used effectively to treat breast cancer and lymphoma.

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