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We here at new life medical have recognized that many of our patient contacts are simply to sick to travel for care or simply cannot afford in office treatments due to the fact that many of the alternative treatments are not covered by insurance. Research shows that breast cancer patients who underwent alternative radiation therapy — a treatment plan that cut in half the time they received radiation — benefitted from that approach. Still, even though studies showing that a shorter course of radiation therapy is just as effective for early stage breast cancer patients as a longer course, many women in the U.S. The benefits of the shorter duration of radiation therapy include more than being effective in treating cancer. At EuroMed Foundation, we encourage patients to embrace new technology and research that can improve the treatment process.
The medical establishment can be slow to evolve, even in the face of research showing that alternative methods can benefit patients.

At our Arizona cancer center, the EuroMed Foundation medical team offers alternative cancer treatment for a wide variety of cancer types, including lung cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer, as well as alternative breast cancer treatment.
We encourage rethinking traditional methods of treating cancer at our Arizona cancer center, where we take a holistic approach that emphasizes patient’s overall health as part of the treatment process. We specialize in combining conventional and alternative therapies in a way that incorporates effective healing practices from around the world. It specifically targets cancer cells, unlike conventional chemotherapy, which attacks both healthy and cancerous cells.
Our mission is to effectively treat cancer while supporting the patient’s immune system, an approach that is supported by a growing body of research into cancer vaccines. New vaccines focus on boosting the body’s immune system to destroy and ward off cancer cells.

This is very similar to a maintenance program a patient will receive after completing a full in office treatment program which will usually last eight weeks. This at home treatment protocol is not a diagnosis from a physician for lyme disease and in no way should replace in office treatment but has been shown to be very effective against lyme disease and many other infections. This program took years of research, study, and trail & error to put together, the treatment protocol is all natural and does not require a prescription.

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