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Used commonly by Police and Fire to train the Steel Climber is a serious cardio machine that only requires minutes per day! WKA national middle weight Muay Thai Champion Elijiah Clark builds flexibility and endurance with Steel Climber! There may be vertical climbers that came before the steel climber but none have ever been built like this with features such as a 27" step.
I just received my steel climber and I'm happy to see that is a nice piece of equipement built like a tank!-P.
Brian, my wife and I are both avid climbers, your machine is our favorite piece of equipment in our well stocked gym.

Just like on a spinning bike the felt pads apply even, constant friction for a tougher workout. Stand in front of the machine and move just the arm handles for a blasting upper body workout. A distinct benefit of step climbing versus running, or running up and down real steps, is that it is kinder to your joints.
This climber will fit in a room with ceilings as low as 7'1 feet, perfect for basements. The first time I worked out with this feature I could not believe how sore my shoulders and abs were the next day.

If you prefer to hold onto the handrails, keep your grip light, using the handrails to stabilize rather than support. Overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis can occur if you always exercise with your heels hanging over the steps or if you stay on the balls of your feet.
This should help you avoid the tingling or numbing sensation that is a frequent complaint of stair climbers.

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