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Despite the meager guns on your average local fisherman (cut the guy a break, he’s 67), it’s common knowledge that rowing a boat provides a kickass natural workout. You get that naturally smooth motion that gets your heart going and it works a nice mix of muscles.
It features a “water flywheel” that consists of two paddles in an enclosed tank of water, so you get smooth, quiet resistance, just like the paddles in an actual body of water.
The Smith Machine is one of the most convenient weight equipment as the design allows you to do several exercises that will help you to get a safe full-body workout. Using a Smith machine is a wise consideration for your workout as it can deliver visible strength gains. The Smith Machine consists of a straight bar set in a stationary rack with lock points which prevent the bar from dropping. Smith machines generally have an adjustable bench where you can do flat or incline bench press for the chest, bent over rows for the back and close grip bench press for the triceps. Military press can be done for shoulders very smoothly and also shrugs and upright rows for the trapeziums muscles. This effective fitness equipment designed for safety and efficiency of using a barbell with weights. The weight bar, in some models, can be placed high enough to use for pull-ups and low enough to do certain back exercises.
There are adjustable safety stops as an additional safety device in many Smith machines.  With this the barbell cannot be lowered beyond a certain point. You can use Smith machine for any exercise with a vertical lift  like  bench presses, overhead lifts and squats.
Smith Machine is the most important piece of equipment as it gives a smooth all round body workout. Rowing is a strength-endurance sport and rowing machine workouts build cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular stamina.
The rowing machines can easily fold in just half making them compact and quite easy to store.
To achieve maximum benefit of rowing machine workout and to prevent injury, it is very important to use the rowing machine with correct technique.  Over using the upper body can lead to injury of the lower back.
Working  on your major muscles it strengthens  them and improves your stamina, it  also gives you the benefits of aerobic exercise.
You have an option to set the resistance level of its flywheel as per your needs and this helps you to focus on the strength training, weight loss training or cardiovascular exercises. Since it gives a complete workout the experts recommend only thirty minutes a day, two fifteen minute workouts. There are various types of bench press like flat bench press, decline bench press, incline bench press etc.
Bench press builds a large number of muscles like the pectorals, shoulders, triceps and forearms.
The bench press workout is the clear-cut example of how you display your arm and chest strength and is often the basis of just how strong you really are.
This movement focuses mainly on the chest muscles, but the shoulders, triceps and the abdominal muscle are also used while  moving  the barbell or dumbbells.
While lifting the weight you should keep your elbows tucked in near your sides and arch your back.
To begin, start with  less weights, when you are comfortable  with that then add on more weight. With dedication and regular weight training you will become stronger and healthier, add muscle, burn fat and get into great shape. By selecting the right exercise routine using appropriate gym training equipment, you will see the results a great deal faster.  Rugby players, football players and professional athletes use bench press as strength building and conditioning exercise.
Exercise Bikes are one of the most affordable pieces of equipment that you can buy, for your home gym. Exercise bikes are smaller in size as compared to a treadmill,  hence it is more ideal for use in the home due to the limited amount of space it occupies. The two most commonly used bikes are the recumbent exercise bikes and the upright exercise bikes.
The upright-type has a small raised seat similar to a normal bicycle and does not have back support, where as the recumbent-type has a larger seat and is positioned lower and parallel to the ground. Look for a bike with a wide range of resistance levels so you would be able to use the machine for a long time as your fitness level increases. To avoid accidents when using the bike, look for one that has a comfortable seat, has an adjustable seat height and is strong and sturdy. Most fitness experts agree that you get a more physical and intense workout on an upright bike but you should give both types a try out before you buy one. The elliptical cross trainers are exercise machines that are stationary  and  stimulate the motion of running, walking or stair climbing without causing a lot of  pressure on the joints. Elliptical cross trainer involves many motions on the whole like a bicycle motion, stair climbing, walking, skiing, and hiking. These fitness machines are considered to be low impact, but they can be used for weight-bearing exercises.
People who are not fit to workout using other fitness equipment can easily exercise on elliptical trainers, as these will not exert too much pressure on their muscles. Cross trainers have become popular because you can workout at ease, setting your own speed and intensity. If you do three moderate to intense workouts, three times a  week, you will be able to tone your body, increase your fitness levels and build muscle.  A cross trainer allows you to derive the benefits of aerobic activity and increase your strength and stamina through resistance. This machine allows you to choose different ways in which you exercise to ensure that you maintain your motivation levels and stay interested. A good treadmill is not cheap to buy therefore, it is very important that you know how to select one. Decide where you want to place the treadmill and then select the size of the unit according to the space. When you choose a treadmill make sure you pick a unit that is high in quality and does not cost you a fortune. These days, many fitness enthusiasts prefer to use Body Solid home gym equipments to set up a custom home gym. The Body Solid EXM1500S Home Gym provides you the capability to target specific muscles of your shoulders, arms, chest, back, stomach, and legs. The Body Solid Best Fitness BFSB10 Exercise Bike is another outstanding training machine that helps you to do effective home workouts. It has a single 44 lbs flywheel and a long lasting, grooved V-belt transmission system; and is easy to assembly and simple to maintain.
The Body Solid BFCT1 Elliptical Cross Trainer also enables you to perform a non-impact cardio workout in your home gym. These days, many fitness fans visit the local gym to build their body and maintain good health. The Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID71 is a robust and flexible machine.
Moreover, you can lock these durable pads in eight different positions, in order to align the body and maintain the right posture during all the workouts. This heavy duty model also incorporates the T-Bar Leg Hold Down with oversize rollers; in order to lock your legs and perform a stable and secure workout. The Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID71 is the perfect choice for your commercial gym.
Body Solid is a reliable manufacturer of various fitness equipments that are highly efficient, totally safe and also affordable.
The Body Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym is a unique machine that includes the patented Bi-Angular Press Arm System.
The Body Solid G9S Selectorized Home Gym is another multipurpose exercise machine; that allows three persons to perform strength training at the same time. Further, the Perfect Pec Station is completely adjustable for various movements; and also permits you to achieve deeper muscle penetration for quick and better results.

The Body Solid G6B Bi-Angular Home Gym is the most modern home gym equipment; and is rated as a Consumer Guide Best Buy.
Nowadays, commercials gyms are always full with various types of Body Solid fitness equipments; including numerous strength training machines such as the personal trainer.
This multi-function equipment includes a new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250 degree pivots.
A lot of our interval skiing and rowing workouts call for using the Undefined Rest feature in the Concept2 rower or SkiErg monitor. Time to change that, there’s a whole new world of workouts out there waiting for you!
This option, which works on most PM3 monitors (black) and all PM4 monitors (silver),  allows you to spend as much as 10 minutes doing off-erg work without losing the data from your workout or having to reset the machine. It makes it super easy to do an interval workout of, for example, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of rowing or skiing with a series of off-erg moves in between.
Enter your time or distance, then hit the arrow right button until Set Rest Time is blinking.  Select the + or – button and Set Rest Time changes to Undefined Rest.
GET CERTIFIEDIf you’re teaching indoor rowing classes or thinking about it, or you just love to row for your own fitness, you owe it to yourself to REGISTER NOW for a UCanRow2 certification workshop. If you’re looking to train more like Rocky than Drago, check out the WaterRower Natural rowing machine. There are no moving parts that can wear out over time and a self-regulating resistance system eliminates the need for a motor. The major muscle groups in your lower body including hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves are built up. Most of the models include blocks, pegs, or other devices which can be adjusted to automatically stop the barbell at a determined minimum height.
For a home gym, a Smith machine is worth considering as it allows you to exercise safely and reduces the risk of injury. It is beneficial for  people  recovering from an injury or surgery. After an accident it is the right gym equipment for rehabilitation and to improve your condition. It is a demanding workout  that engages all the major body muscles groups in one go, as a result you get a much more efficient workout. Not only does it burn those calories enabling you to lose weight but also it is extremely helpful to tone the muscles of the legs, thighs, calves, buttocks and also the shoulders, upper arms and even the waistline. You exercise the upper body by lifting the weights in order to strengthen and develop muscles of biceps, forearms,  neck, and abs. Flat bench press emphasizes weight on chest and it is the best exercise for overall chest development. It helps you to develop more mass of your body and also helps you to improve your inner strength. This is why compound movements work very well and you should include them in your regular workout .
The bones involved in the exercise, bones of the arms, hands, shoulder and  chest,  become denser as the  bone cells deposit bone tissues in these bones.
It helps you to develop a strong back, rippling shoulders, fine-tuned arms, and well-defined chest muscles. Check out the many different types of cost effective exercise bikes that strike a balance between quality and price. When you train using an elliptical cross trainer, you are utilizing large muscle groups in your legs and arms simultaneously. Many health and fitness studies have shown that a cross trainer offers an extremely intensive workout, whilst simultaneously protecting joints and muscles. Resistance training protects you from future injury and tones your body so you look absolutely fit.
It  has a  moving platform with a wide conveyor belt and an electric motor  which  allows you to run or walk at a consistent rate at which the belt moves. There are many different  kind of products  and models available and choosing the best home treadmill can be very difficult. It’s always important to check the warranty to see how long the parts are expected to last and what kind of help you will get in replacing them, if needed. Select a treadmill for home gym that can easily be moved or folded up when you are not using it.
One of the advantages of running on a treadmill versus running on the road is comparatively the low impact to your joints. Moreover some new exercisers feel shy and uncomfortable, while exercising with experienced body builders. Body Solid offers a wide range of exercise machines that are designed by experts and manufactured from superior quality components. Anyone can use this versatile fitness equipment, to perform particular exercises and strength training at home. This modern equipment has numerous adjustments and riding positions, and a smooth and accurately designed flywheel; in order to make you feel like riding a real bike.
The chrome plated handle bar has more than 84 levels of forward, backward, high and low adjustments; and an unlimited range of tension adjustments. It has eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance that enables users to carry out intense workouts. They use a variety of BodySolid gym equipments that also includes strength training equipments such as the weight benches. Body Solid is well known for supplying a wide range of top quality, long lasting and highly effective fitness equipments at reasonable prices. The back pad is 9.5 inch wide and has a ladder-style adjustment that can be easily and swiftly adjusted as required. The different Body Solid home gym equipments which make body building an easy task are explained further. It is based on the bi-angular technology which uses a converging axis during the pressing motion, to enable the muscles to perform a rapid, effective and complete workout. In fact you can execute numerous types of workouts on this Body Solid multi-station home gym equipment, within a minimum amount of space.
Moreover, the versatile Press Arm Station can be used to do different exercises such as the incline press, bench press; shoulder press and chest supported mid row exercises. The traditional strength training equipments only strengthens the targeted muscles and particular joints. The solid ash and stained honey oak construction absorbs sound and vibration, and the rig also features a Series 4 performance monitor that tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and more.
A number of exercises can be done with a Smith machine like squats, lunges, shrugs, shoulder presses and bench presses.
The mix-Smith machine allows you to mix other exercise equipments like the squat rack or the power cage. These are an excellent device in weight loss, as you can work every time for extended period of time.
You burn up to 800 calories an hour and since you are sitting down, it barely feels like a work out.
It makes your inner core muscles work very hard and gives you firm abs and tones  your stomach area also. It requires you to first develop other muscle groups that are essential for the safe and proper implementation of the program. As with any exercise program you have to start slowly and then work on your body to make sure you are not injured. After bench press set, since your triceps will already be tired, do not use too much weight for your close bench press. Cycling on exercise bike burns excess calories and improves your health, it also  makes the heart and lungs stronger. A well-designed exercise bike provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that is perfect for everyone irrespective of age, gender or fitness level.

Buying an upright exercise bike is a good choice if you are used to riding a normal bike and want an exercise bike that will give you the same experience to a great extent.
The large seat makes it more comfortable, and this can be ideal if you suffer from back or joint problems.
The trainer is also the perfect workout machine for those who have health problems and cannot   take on strenuous exercises. Overall, an effective cross trainer has the potential to increase your interest for the exercise and you can exercise in all weather conditions. With the advancements in technology and performance, today the treadmill has become a very popular piece of work out equipment for home use. Pick a unit that will allow you to fit in all the workout options you need, and not add on extra features that you will never turn on. Smaller motors are not able to move the belt at higher speeds and are more likely to wear out than those with a large, powerful motor inside. A treadmill that has inferior shocks  can actually be worse than running or walking on the road.
However, you can now achieve your health objectives by training yourself comfortably at home. You can workout conveniently and follow a regular fitness routine at home by using Body Solid home gyms. This BodySolid gym equipment utilizes a pulley system attached to a stack of weights to perform upper body, lower body and core strengthening movements.
This bike is an ideal solution to build leg strength, enhance the cardiovascular system and burn fat; as well as to shape the glut, quad, and calf muscles and also strengthen the tendons, without any load bearing.
It also includes a comfortable seat; smooth and silent aluminum bearing pedals with 3 sealed bearing sets for the pedals, belt wheel, and flywheel. The LED console gives you feedback regarding the time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate. Nowadays, the Body Solid Flat, Incline, Decline Bench is regarded as the most important commercial gym equipment; because it provides a full body workout, including the upper, mid, and lower body.
This versatile bench includes very thick pads made from high grade upholstery in order to allow the user to comfortably perform a variety of exercises. And the sturdy seat pad can also be adjusted for users of all sizes in order to safely execute a number of exercises; such as the bent knee sit-ups and ab crunches along with a total lower back support and accurate hip alignment. Further, this totally commercial quality adjustable bench includes smooth caster wheels for easy mobility. The Body Solid free weight benches are considered as the most efficient and highly adaptable weight benches supplied in the market. This versatile BodySolid gym equipment is built on a very compact and highly stable footprint. It consists of a heavy-gauge steel foot plate that is covered by a non-slip, rubber in order to safely perform the most intense workouts. This machine enables you to achieve the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning and maximum upper body development. Whereas, the BodySolid functional trainer is one of the innovative strength training equipments that enable you to achieve total body fitness.
More muscle groups are further developed by bench press and your strength is also increased.
When the exercise is done properly, in a short period of time you put in a sizeable amount of weight. There are different types of exercise bikes like recumbent bike, spin bikes or upright exercise bikes available in the market. These bikes have dual effect as these effectively burn calories and also raise your heart rate.
Sitting in a seat in a reclined position enables you to cycle for a longer time, than you would do on an upright bike. Most of the machines in the market provide a full body workout which is advantageous when exercising to lose weight as they work on the lower as well as upper body. To exercise both the lower and upper body at the same time, elliptical cross trainers are the best fitness equipment to use. Extended warranties show  that the manufacturers are actually quite confident with the quality of their motor, and are giving you extra assurance that the treadmill will not break down  when you workout. Hence, several people exercise in their own home gym with the same efficiency, safety, and privacy that was earlier only possible in a local health club. Body Solid fitness equipments are ergonomically designed for functional and effective home workouts. By using the straight bar included in the multi-functional low pulley system, you can execute seated rows as well as upright rows, shrug exercises, wrist curls, biceps curls, etc. The back pads and seat pads also supports the complete body to conveniently carry out the most intense training routines. Hence users can conveniently move this equipment in and out of the rack as and when needed. You can therefore enhance your strength, agility, and overall fitness with the help of Body Solid’s exclusive range of heavy duty weight benches.
It is the ideal home gym equipment; as it allows you to do a variety of exercises without occupying much space. It also includes the latest Bi-Angular Technology, and the patented Bi-Angular Press Arm that allows you to perform an extensive range of movements. The leg developer SmoothGlide Bearing System with the self-aligning leg cuffs permits you to execute intense leg curls and leg extensions. Body Solid is reputed for manufacturing an extensive range of gym equipments including the Fusion 400 Personal Trainer. Both these arms can also move independently, thus it enables you to isolate one arm at a time.
With the upright bike you have the choice to stand up while doing exercise so you can exercise different areas of your muscles, which you cannot do on a recumbent bike. People who are overweight  find it more comfortable to recline in a chair rather than sit on a seat.
This benefits the body muscles to a great extent and a single workout session reduces the regular workout time by half. It also enables you to perform one arm cable curl, standing calf raise, bent over row, triceps press down, and standing leg curl. You can do the incline press, shoulder press, and chest press; and it feels like exercising with free weights. You can also perform the concentrated curls, leg abduction, abdominal crunches, lat pull downs, triceps presses, and many more exercises. This essential commercial gym equipment; is a combination of an advanced traditional gym and an ultramodern functional trainer. The traditional as well as neutral hand position allows you to perform isolateral pressing movements. The elliptical trainers are one of the highly preferred cardio exercise machines and the BFCT1 model is the perfect gym equipment. Moreover the SmoothGlide Bearing System extends the lifespan of the multi-function leg developer and also facilitates a frictionless motion. Moreover, the press arms can even rotate on cams; hence it also provides you an extensive choice of arm positions and movement for your workout program.
You can workout comfortably and also avoid lower back strain; due to the lumbar support, and totally adjustable and extra thick back pad.

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