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There are many reasons why one may want to purchase from the selection of home gym machines available on the market.  The main reasons though will be that the buyer wants to either lose weight or improve their fitness without having to go to the gym, or to supplement gym work. When deciding which machine to buy the purchaser needs to consider his or her own training goals.  A body builder would have very different needs from someone who wants to lose a few pounds and tone up, and this will determine what equipment needs to be purchased.
Some additional items of equipment that you may want to consider are the squat rack, electric treadmill and fitness step, all of which take up very little room in your home. Advanced technology meets an easy to use device that will conveniently intensify your workout, enhance your physique, and tighten your abdominal muscles.
Slendertone uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to create instense but comfortable contractions in your muscles. With this advanced technology, the Slendertone Belts is able not only to emulate the effects of traditional abdominal exercises, but also to exceed their benefits by targetting muscle groups that aren't activated by the average ab workout. Legal Disclaimer Stuff: The statements made on this website are based on distributor documentation that we believe to be reliable.

MM&M also makes no claim that there is a scientific consensus regarding these products. Do not discontinue or delay seeking medical treatment due to use of these products, and please consult a Doctor before using them if you have any pre-existing conditions.
The Slendertone Slimming Belt is an ab belt that sends pulsations to hard-to-reach abdominal muscles for an intense, yet comfortable ab workout like nothing you've achieved through traditional exercise. This Slendertone exercise belt is great for a first time user and offers two toning programs for the beginner or advanced user.
These muscles that are less effectively exercised during a traditional ab workout include the rectus abdominis (abs), obliques (which shape the waist) and the transversus abdominis. Pads on the inside of the belt send signals to stimulate the nerves that control your muscles, causing them to contract naturally. This last muscle is the most interior of all the abdominal muscles; it wraps around the abdomen and is the core muscle that contributes to strength and stability in the back.

EMS technology has been used for over 40 years in hospitals, clinics and physical therapy practices around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. Not only does this contribute to a nice phyique, but it is essential in preventing injury during strenuous activity such as heavy lifting.
It is now used in the Slendertone Slimming Ab Belts to safely but effectively contract and exercise your core muscles.

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