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With a combined 80 years experience of auger filling and product handling technology, we can offer all aspects of powder & particulate filling systems, together with their associated tooling variations & bulk feed system requirements. The correct selection of these essential criteria achieves the best possible accuracy & speeds for your products when combined with the fixed or variable speed mode options of the auger. The simplicity, clean lines & touch screen controls of the vectofill machine provide an easy to use & cost effective system, at the same time utilising state of the art components & technology.
This weight controlled version vectofill is flexible enough to be used with any type of bag, semi-rigid or rigid containers.
Concept & design parameters have been considered uncompromisingly, & are maintained throughout for ultimate reliability, performance & cost.A wide range of versatile technical specifications & options are available, & include machine height adjustment & product cut-off variants.
Products are catered for in the food, chemical, drug, cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries. Big-Bag filling machine realizes the filling of powder and granular materials to Big-Bags by means of PLC control.
Screw feeder, belt feeder or gate valve can be used according to the material characteristics. In order to use the whole volume of the bag, hydraulic lifting system periodically shakes the bag and places the material homogenously into the bag. Big-Bag Filling on Truck is totally an evolutionary design of SAFMAK in order to meet Cement Industry needs economically.

In this option 4 hooks, which hold lifting loops of Big-Bag, are operated by pneumatic pistons. Weight control or volumetric dosing, ranging from a few grammes to 25 kilos are possible when tooled-up to suit the application in hand.
For powder materials screw feeder is preferred to minimize dust spread, while belt feeder is used for granular materials.
By means of the hydraulic mechanism, Big-Bag is held up above the ground to ensure maximum filling.
Again the operator takes the lifting belts off when the filling process finishes and the big-bag remains on the conveyors. Hooks opens automatically when the filling process finishes and the big-bag remains on the motorized conveyors. After completion of filling, PLC system automatically opens the hooks and releases the Big-Bag, so that the filled Big-Bag is free to be transported to the exit conveyor.
When conveyors are added fork-lifter can be used to take away the filled Big-Bags; otherwise the fork-lifter may damage the weighing platform. It will be able to store 20 pallets and to let them one by one, with pneumatic operated pistons. Big-Bag is hanged to the machine from its four loops by the operator and desired filling value is adjusted from the OP.

Because the filling chute is moveable up and down, operator would not need to climb to a platform to hang the Big-Bag and to fit the spout of Big-Bag. Instead of being filled on ground, these big-bags are filled on truck, side by side enabling the material to settle inside the big-bag while the truck travels to its destination. Some of them are: Filling Value, Tolerances and Prior Cut Values in order to optimize the filling process. This also means that a new filling process cana€™t be started before the bag is taken away from the machine. Filtration and dust collecting systems ensures a dust free operation while re-gaining the material.
Dusty air inside the bag will be vacuumed from the outer tube by the factories vacuum line or by optional filter unit, while the material is fed from the inner one.

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