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The Best Fitness Sportsman Home Gym (BFMG20) presented Body Solid is compact and affordable discount weight lifting equipment that is ideal for maximizing limited space. Of course pushing each set to failure in an unsupervised environment or without a spotter is dangerous to say the least. Smith machines tend to be quite expensive, more so than multi gyms aimed at the general public. With that said lets examine a few of the best Smith machines on the market and how much they will set you back.
This Best Fitness edition comes with a 150lb weight stack and the designers put emphasis on ergonomically compatible features. The padded pressing arms follow the natural arc of a free weight bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly. The pulley system is swivel enhanced and will allow you to benefit from working the often neglected stabilizer muscle groups that you can target while doing exercises such as pectoral flys or converging presses. It is the goal of the special arc design to follow the natural flow of a bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly providing an optimal full range chest and triceps workout. We use the highest density foam in the industry for a lifetime of support without bottoming out. Finish An electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects all Body-Solid fitness equipment.
This specially engineered pulley system also features low, mid and high pulley capabilities to permit you to fully round out your exercise routine and maximize the benefits of your new professional weight lifting equipment.
Anyone who has used weight lifting equipment will appreciate the padded pressing arms that keep your arms well cushioned so you can finish off the heavy sets in comfort. The low pulley station alone has a minimum of 10 exercise options see the list below under workout options.

The P2X by Body Solid is another great example of this manufacturer's renowned creativity in engineering affordable, compact and high quality home gym and they have shown the fitness world once again that it is possible to get a total body workout in a compact space.You will appreciate the traditional aspects of the P2X which allow the user to conduct mid row, shoulder press and incline press exercises. In addition, the leg developer station features a bearing pivot point system to provide smooth and natural leg curl and extension exercises. Pull the optimal exercise routine together with the functional training arms which adds a more synergistic modern approach to your regular workout routine. Use the modern elements of the P2X weight lifting equipment to focus on elements such as core stability, balance and efficiency of movements that you use in your everyday life.
The are all backed by the best warranty in the industry, the Lifetime Warranty that covers Everything Forever 4-Stacks The anchor of the multi-station system is the 4 Stack Weight Tower. Also, recommended is the SP50 50 Lb weight stack addition to improve load resistance to 210 lb. This smooth, fluid, multi-directional resistance system automatically produces 25% more muscle interaction by eliminating the ability to rest your chest muscles. The benfits of these exercises can now be achieved by fitness enthusiasts of every strength level.
With it's weight-assisted knee-pad mechanism the FCDWA provides the same benefits of chin and dip exercises to everyone, regardless of their current fitness level or weight. Attaches directly to the weight stack of either the FUSION500 or FUSION600 Personal Trainer Gyms to allow the user to counterbalance their own bodyweight. Additionally, the FCDWA features Vertical Knee Raise capabilities designed to provide an intense ab workout while eliminating strain on the lower back.
Thick, comfortable DuraFirm™ back pads and arm supports reduce fatigue and discomfort allowing you keep working on your abs and obliques.

Double beam design eliminates ankle stress and provides consistent resistance throughout full range of motion. Pivoting press plate rotates both forward and downward to target thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Commercial grade, precision engineered pillow block bearings for smooth movement and tighter tolerances. Specially contoured and oversized back pad, arm pads and handgrips add comfort to the abdominal, shoulder and triceps workouts.
These high density, top grade pads provide a LIFETIME of support and comfort and will not bottom out or wear out ..
Unique two bar linkage self-aligns the angle of the leg press plate to the user' s body eliminating ankle torsion and ensuring proper biomechanics throughout the full range of motion for all size users.
Includes pillow block and sealed ball bearings for precision alignment and friction free movement. Three stations in one with fully adjustable pads for all size users and full range of motion exercise. Pop-pin adjustable seat elevates vertically to properly align your hands and elbows with the swiveling hand grips for proper alignment. Perform Multi-Press Arms Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user.

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