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The Natatorium includes a pool used for aquatic programs including lap swimming, water aerobics, swim instruction, aquatic recreation and competition. A fully staffed youth area includes space dedicated to board games, pool, ping pong, as well as access to computers with internet capabilities.
The Monark pendulum balance ergometer is the world?s most used test cycle for fitness testing.
TEK works closely with architects, developers and property management companies to create and implement the right solution for any size property. There are some pros and cons to this gym, and for myself the pros outweigh the cons and I will list them below, but you have to know what you are getting into with this place. As a Sunset Parker I have to travel to this gym because there are ZERO in my hood except one crossfit place that just opened up and costs more than my all utility bills to join. If you're a broke NYer your only real gym option is PF, which is just not a gym I want to go to, so I was lucky enough to be gifted a membership to this place by my awesome mom. This gym is not anymore expensive than any other gym in the area but you get a lot of value. I will say more, their free weights and cable machines are on different floors, so good luck with super-setting. They only have doubles of each DB so if someone about your strength is working out at the same time, you have to wait.
I love that they are always cleaning this place, and if you ask them something or want something, they don't catch an attitude with you. Impossible to walk between someone at the EZ curl bar rack and the hyperextension apparatus, let alone deadlift.

There are always between 6-12 people in the tiny weight lifting room, which is only slightly larger than most hotel gyms, and that is about 5 too many to comfortably work out. I have been trying to get someone to talk to me about the above problems for the past 3 months and no one will respond to my emails. The weight room needs to be bigger for sure, and I wish they had straight barbells and not just the ez curl bars, but it gets the job done.
One of the better equipped gyms in the area that caters to everyone's needs and fitness levels. I don't know, then maybe it is fine, but over $100 for two people to fight for a few lousy weights?
Weight room folks are very chill, cool people, we work in sets, so you can rotate them out, everyone rotates out the decline bench, bench press, and smith machine ALL DAY long, but a closed mouth won't get fed. Locker Rooms- Towel Service, sauna, steam room, showers, changing stall, bathrooms, scale, mirrors, blow dryers, lockers, outlets to charge your phone or plug in your supplies, stools and benches. These locker rooms are fully equipped and always being cleaned by staff members, floors always mopped, towels always removed and changed. I've never been bothered by anyone here, and most people are really nice and friendly if you do end up talking to them. Mostly moms and dads and teenagers looking to get buff, a few grandmas and grandpas in the AM keeping fit. Not too many meathead types, and the few that are don't hog the weight equipment, and even showed me how to use the squat rack when I needed help.
CONS:Family oriented gym- This means there are tons of kids everywhere, as a mom working out, I tend to leave my kid at home but the kids are not what bother me.

Its the fact that there are ALWAYS a ton of little kids (2-8 male and female) sitting in the front of the woman's locker room and EATING. Moms and nannies leaving their stuff and kids everywhere so as you walk in you have to step over them and they're eating ten feet away from where someone may be changing.
It's really annoying and the staff does nothing to make it stop or enforce the 18 and older only rule of that locker room.
Most of the treadmills are always empty even during peak times, so I wish we weren't so limited on space on the cardio floor.
This is also near the personal trainer area and you can't be there or use that equipment if a trainer is with a client.
They should let people use the studios when classes aren't in session for these purposes. My family are also members to another Y and the children staff is much better at the other one. This daycare makes you call a week in advance to book a spot, its super tiny, and you need to fill out all these forms and doctor papers as if it was a real daycare and not some room full of toys. The other Ys do not make you do this, bring your kid, if there is space, go workout, if no space, wait and come back.

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