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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The most OVER Romanticized ideal of life on a farm is that of morning and evening milking of one's dairy cow or goat. Those who have been on the milking road five, ten or more years, we can still remember back when we wondered about throwing the towel in, rallied and push on. The majority of people who start with dairy goats will sell out of production animals in 3 years. There is nothing requiring more commitment, more labor and fortitude that I can think of in farming life.
Beyond that, if you do not LOVE it from the start of the day to day process, it isn't likely to grow into something you love as time goes on.
All newbies start with arms unused to milking, even if they are smart enough to start with a well trained goat or cow tolerant of the dingbat trying to figure out how this milking process works. If you start with a milking machine, you will feel like you are handling a $1,500 50 lb Steel Mad Octopus sucking up manure, mud, your hair and everything else before you actually master how that hot mess works.

You will want to slap your own face for the crazy decision to have a family milk cow when said cow attempts to break your arm instead of allowing you to sit idyllically on a stool gently hand milking while you and she are most comfortable into a bucket where all the milk stays wonderfully clean that first time and all times after.
The strain on the body of a dairy animal is 2 to 10 times what a beef animal will endure while raising a calf. Generally, it would be fair to say the easiest keeping dairy cow is far more labor intensive than the hardest keeping beef cow. When I'm sick with a stomach virus, vomiting with body aches and chills, when it is -5 degrees in the barn with a foot of snow. Holding lovely new born goat kids and calves, cow kisses, pee-pee beards (I know), alien goat eyes, those sand-paper cow tongues, goats running to you when they see it is milking time, the joy of a quality food product in your fridge where you know each element of the production and not only the animal who gave the milk. First, I want to thank our farrier, Rick Legg, for the amazing work he did on our rescue mare's feet Tuesday. They do not realize what may lay in store when they teach that animal to hop up or into a stanchion while a person fumbles around with their teats and udder, trying to figure out just what hand motions actually make the milk come out effectively. Sure, with time, you learn ways to schedule breedings, milkings and finagle it with dam raising to make it more manageable.

The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. You may be there two hours later still trying to figure it out because regardless of how you feel, that animal has to be milked. I know I have done all types of things to make it work, but I still milk far more days each year often than I do not. I have loved it during the in between, but there were times then and there will be times ahead.

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