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How to find missing Bottles of Blood?: In-game the Bottles of Blood will appear simply as red wine bottles on rooftops and faraway buildings, so only a sniper shot can shatter it in order to collect it. It’s a fun side mission to find and shoot all the hidden Bottles of Blood throughout the game. Please comment if you have any additional Zombie Army Trilogy Bottles of Blood location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it.
As you can probably tell from this review, Zombie Boot Camp is not like any other scare attraction we (or you) will have ever experienced before.
Post ScriptScareTOUR reviews are always fair and although we love to support the whole industry - we will always be completely honest in our opinions and state them in our reviews. It can be confirmed as being Bottles of Blood after shooting it, as the on-screen progress bar will then tell you how many Bottles of Blood you’ve collected out of the total of 60 Bottles of Blood in the game.
After picking up each collectible you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress. The in-game collectibles locations for the Bottles of Blood are described in this detailed video guide.
This really is something COMPLETELY different from anything anyone has done before!The day started with a safety briefing and an introduction to the scenario. A slow lumbering zombie made its presence known and we dispatched it quickly with a few shots to the chest. These small touches will help prolong the imaginary scenario of an impending zombie apocalypse for the duration of the event!

One comment: this is sooo physical it is not for the faint heated or of nervous disposition. JUST as all hell broke loose!Nothing could have prepared us for the assault that the zombie hordes had waiting for us.
Due to the very realistic elements and the real combat that occurs, it really won’t be for everyone. We struggled into our kit walking around like Robocop due to the sheer weight and chunkiness of the riot gear. We were bombarded with debris from above, we were wrestled to the ground we were grabbed violently from behind and we were jumped upon.
All thoughts of this being a game were gone as we frantically used batons, guns and shields to fight through and protect each other from the zombies. It is great that something like this can still exist in the PC, cotton covered, namby pamby world we now seem to live in. Basic training included the use of riot shields and while we stood wondering what we had let ourselves in for a quick zombie demonstration left everyone startled.
This was war – and the zombies were winning!Obviously no head shots are allowed so each zombie was brought down by a barrage of hits from our batons.
All around us could be heard the dull thuds of batons striking zombie bodies, and it took a number of hits to totally immobilise each one! You really do need all that padding when you are being ordered to run head first into an impenetrable barrier of riot shields!

As we turned each corner the zombies kept coming from all different angles and finally we could see the safety of our getaway van in sight. Split into two groups – any British reserve was soon knocked out of us as we fought desperately to break the barrier without getting smashed by a riot baton! This down time in between missions didn’t really keep in with the story of the zombie outbreak and really was just used as an excuse for most people to have a smoke and a wee!So it was time for our second mission and for this one we warned that things were going to get even tougher. The zombies had taken over control of an indoor facility and we were going to have to clear the place. Built like a standard indoor scare attraction, this second mission ramped the terror levels up to extreme,. Armed with our shields, our batons AND our paintball rifles we ran, crawled and climbed through pitch dark corridors with zombies appearing from everywhere. It was crazy, it was bedlam, it was one of the most terrifying things we have ever done, ever!
Every step was a step for survival and we all fought together to get out the final door and back to safety.We arrived back at base exhausted and it was here we had our first real let down of the day.

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