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Business Directory, Newspaper Ad, and Daily Deal software are powered by OwnLocal, helping newspapers own local in their market. Ed Stack, the company's 55-year-old chairman and chief executive, hates losing -- money or anything else. Although Americans are getting older, fatter, and more sedentary, sporting goods remains a big business. But selling sneakers and golf clubs is harder than it looks, which is why previous efforts to build a big-box category killer in sports have generally failed.
Dick's began as one such store, a modest bait-and-tackle shop that Richard Stack opened in 1948 in his hometown of Binghamton, N.Y.
People who know Dick's says it still feels like a family business, even though the company now employs about 18,000 people. Ed Stack controls about two-thirds of the voting shares in Dick's and owns about 25% of its common stock, worth about $800 million.
The hard-learned lesson, he says, is that "there's more to a business than just growing sales." Since then Dick's has added stores at a more conservative rate of about 15% a year.
Timing is crucial too: Bats and gloves sell in Florida before Christmas, but they don't move off the shelves in Buffalo until just before Easter. Three years ago Dick's acquired 65 Golf Galaxy specialty stores, making the company by far the largest golf retailer in America, as well as the second-biggest employer of PGA pros. Kong.) Dick's has licensed the Adidas brand, for instance, and created a line of Adidas baseball bats and gloves that didn't exist before. The company also makes products that it sells under the Maxfli, Slazenger, and Field & Stream brands. Not surprisingly, Nike and Under Armour, which are the bestselling brands at Dick's, aren't happy about competing with Dick's labels. Under Armour, for instance, operates about 40 outlet stores, four retail stores and a website.

Ed Stack and his team would like to see Dick's Sporting Goods become a brand that resonates with athletes the way Nike and Under Armour do.
You may not be helped by a professional angler or PGA pro if you visit Dick's, but if you don't get good service and a friendly smile, Stack will be disappointed. Reports out of Boston have listed Farrell as a top candidate if Valentine is not brought back next season. Now, before you go putting all your crisp whites in storage until Memorial Day, it may just be the time to examine some of our best outfits, and pass the rest on to Goodwill. As recently as a year ago, fans of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees could argue for hours about which was the superior team. Sports enthusiasts who prefer the X Games to the Super Bowl will appreciate the selection at Kingpinz Skateboard and Snowboard Shop. Get ready to have some fun because we've got lots of suggestions for places to buy your sporting goods. In this week's poll, Banning-Beaumont Patch readers recommend the best place to buy sporting goods in the Pass.
Dick's Sporting GoodsA lets you use its cash-off or discount coupons on anything it's got in stock a€“A UNLESS it's made by one of more than 130 companies, which all happen to include major name brands. A few examples of brands excluded from the savings include Nike, Roxy, Hurley, Reebok, Oakley and Saucony.
Support your favorite team and get everything you need to get on the field and get in shape.
Since the company went public in October 2002, shares in Dick's Sporting Goods have grown in value by 642%. And Sports Authority, the second-biggest chain after Dick's, went private after its stock performed poorly. Cater to serious sports or outdoor enthusiasts, and their families, who want a big selection, superior service, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Not so Dick's -- fishing lures for catfish and bass do well in Texas, but anglers near the Chesapeake Bay set their hooks for saltwater fish. It has the highest inventory turns in the sporting goods industry, so nothing sits on shelves too long. From basketball and baseball to football and hockey, locals need their time on the court, field or rink.
Conveniently located in the popular Westheimer area, this sporting goods store boasts the largest selection of skateboard decks in Houston, featuring popular brands like Girl, Baker, Krooked, Dgk, Real and Chocolate. By Anna Varela Check out the list of Patch readers' favorite places to buy sporting goods. It is conveniently located on a bike path so customers can try out bicycles under real conditions before making a commitment.
You’ll also find a variety of wheels and trucks, as well as snowboarding gear and apparel.
Johnson Leave your nomination for the best place in the Gig Harbor area to buy sporting goods. A few local used sporting goods stores offer amateur athletes quality second-hand equipment at reasonable prices.
The Bike Stop also offers a discount on accessories when customers purchase one of its bikes. With 16 years of experience in selling snowboards, Kingpinz is the place to go whether you want a new Burton or you need to get fitted for new DC boots and Union bindings.
Some shops specialize in one particular type of sporting goods such as bicycles, but the majority prefer to dabble in a little bit of everything related to sports.

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