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Sports equipment factory in Danyang WS Division is a R & D and design, production and sales of combining the strength of the company. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Guanda sport goods plant is a professional and reliable manufacturer of full range fencing equipment, set up since 2006 on a land of 3500 square meters. There are two types of fencing weapon, one is for competition, another one is for practice. Starter Sets Masks Uniforms Gloves & Cuffs Lames Shoes & Socks Fencing Bags & Covers Coaching Gear Foil Epee Sabre Grips & Pommels Bodycords Tools & Misc. This is a collaborative effort between Olympic Coach, Paul Soter and sport psychologist, Dr. Selection of a programme useful for epée teaching, which signals the hits in rapid succession. A special control prevents the annoying continuous noise that occurs in sabre and foil when the fencers are not connected.
The FULL-ARM-05 programme can be easily updated by replacing a single electronic component. The cables connecting to the repeaters, ordinarily provided with the latter, are regular telephone cables that can be easily extended to 100m, if necessary. The case, made of shock-proof plastic (the front part is in polycarbonate), is resistant even to violent accidental blows with the weapons.

It controls the chronometer, the scorer, the rearmament, the matches, the penalty cards and the priority. Innovative transmission system: every remote control has a unique inalterable and inaccessible transmission code. Correct functioning of the remote control is shown by a red light, while correct reception is indicated by a yellow light on the FULL-ARM-05. Fencing equipment and professional production equipment, good quality and wide variety, low prices. With the support of all our customers and hard work of all our staff, we have been growing very fast and has become one of the leading producers of fencing gears in China.
The various events are indicated by different sound signals: hit, end of time, abnormalities. The Data-Line sockets can be easily increased to four by using an inexpensive accessory connector (Art.880). Therefore, the problems associated with short life and replacement of normal filament lamps are eliminated. THE ELECTRICAL POWER USED IS MINIMAL, thanks to exclusive use of high-efficiency LED’s. By simply pressing the appropriate key, every FULL-ARM-05 can be programmed to recognise any remote control, but only one remote at a time. The advantage of infra-red ray transmission is that it is not affected by external factors, as it can occur with the transmission via radio, whose operations may easily be disturbed by transmitters operating on the same frequency, even when located a great distance away.

Our fencing equipment are made under the supervision of China Fencing Association and in line with FIE rules to make sure if suits fencers all over the world. Reel Parts Scoring Equipment and Piste Children's Gear HEMA Equipment Nike Fencing Apparel Wheelchair Fencing Clearance! Lying at the interface of tactics and psychology, its goal is to convey critical information in a short period of time with the coach and athlete under extreme pressure. The colour of the two lighted dots between the minutes and seconds clearly and immediately indicates the chronometer status.
For greater safety, the Data-Line sockets are insulated electrically through the use of optocouplers. He is editor of the Sport Science column in American Fencing Magazine and served as Chair of USA Fencing Sports Medicine & Science for over 15 years. He is a Lecturer at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and an Instructor at the Roanoke Police Academy. Heil is a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, and is now serving as President of the American Psychological Association Division of Exercise & Sport Psychology.

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