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While the EFX may have put Precor on the map, that’s not the only thing keeping this company there.
Not to be outdone, Precor also announced its new plate-loaded strength training equipment line; The Discovery Line.
It’s a name that almost anyone and everyone knows regardless of how often you train or what you use to train. Precor continues to develop and design quality fitness equipment with the latest technology and reliability it is known for.
Precor is yet again, at the front of the pack by combining plate-loaded strength equipment with its renowned user-friendly design. Precor is infamous due to its most popular piece of commercial fitness equipment; the EFX (Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer).
Precor has been securing its spot in the headlines with a variety of new commercial equipment and product lines.
Precor carefully created a design that will fit users ranging from 5ft tall to 6ft 7inches.

Whether you are doing post workout HIIT, a cardio addict or just want to move a bit, the EFX is almost always the first choice of gym owners and their members all over the nation. Precor just introduced a new treadmill that has been given a complete makeover from design, functionality and overall appearance. Of course the entire line has quality upholstery, reinforced pivots, rubber grips for comfort and ergonomic design. The chances of walking into a fitness facility and seeing Precor EFX as the most commonly used gym equipment are incredibly high. The Precor Experience Series treadmills were introduced in May 2014 and boast a laundry list of features and enhancements.
But once again Precor surpasses its own innovation by adding QR codes which provides links on a smart phone for instructional videos. The EFX has evolved with the times but still remains a very popular choice for fitness enthusiasts. The exciting thing about the Experience Series is the fact that Precor did its homework and surveyed its consumers, commercial clients and service technicians to formulate quality feedback to help mold and shape the entire line.

If that isn’t enough, Precor also carries the entire Discovery Line in the Selectorized option as well for those who prefer that instead. From comfort, to energy efficiency and even a wider running deck with a lower step-up height, the Experience Series will undoubtedly continue to keep Precor as one of the top preferred gym equipment manufacturers. Precor is one of the top leaders in the fitness equipment industry and will most likely continue to maintain a spot at the top.
With such ease to use and comfort factors, it’s almost impossible not to spend more time than you expected on one.
Be sure to keep an eye on this company as it continues to be one of the leaders in the industry. Better yet, save yourself the hassle of driving to and from the gym and purchase a refurbished EFX to use in the comfort in your own home.

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