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This elliptical only comes with a one-year warranty, which is actually quite standard with a machine in this price range. The Pro-Form Endurance 520 E is an economical, reliable machine manufactured by a company owned by Icon Fitness. The Endurance 520 E is a bank account-friendly elliptical machine that will get you in shape without a lot of extra frills or features. The 520 E also comes with a 15 lb flywheel, which is about standard for the engineering behind this elliptical product.
Upper body workout arms that move with your natural movement for extra resistance and strength building.
Incline adjustments are manual, meaning you have to stop mid-way through your workout to make any adjustments. Flywheel is only 15lbs – it doesn’t make for a bad ride by any means, but won’t give you the smooth ride of a commercial elliptical. Pro-Form is known for producing reliable, likeable fitness products, and the Endurance 520 E is no exception.

Please provide us with the following information and we'll have someone contact you to answer any questions and to find you the lowest price. While this machine won’t win any awards for features or design, it will be popular and reliable with moderately skilled elliptical users. As one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers, the price is low thanks to mass production and a big brand name behind it. Those familiar with the ProForm line of ellipticals know these machines are built to last, which is a fortunate thing since the 520 E’s warranty only lasts for one year.
This selection of five adjustment positions is ideal for someone who is just starting out in elliptical fitness, or for a home gym owner who is hoping for a machine that is both straightforward and cost-effective.
Not exceptionally heavy or light, you will experience a quality ride that is comparable to other pieces of home equipment from this genre. The real issue comes with the fact so many advanced, feature-packed machines are competing for your attention. Take advantage of soft touch upper-body workout arms that keep your entire physique challenged and engaged throughout your exercise hour. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, the Pro-Form Endurance 520 E is a good starting point for most individuals.

There are also not very many adjustable features, making it a standard machine for a standard build.
With a manual adjustable incline and a 20” stride length, this machine works for a variety of individuals who are beginner to intermediate in their fitness level, but fitness pros or those who are exceptionally tall or petite may struggle with the Endurance 520 E. The elliptical also comes with a set 20-inch stride length, which is a comfortable stride for many individuals. The foot pedals are also adjustable, keeping your feet free from stress and numbness during prolonged workout sessions. If you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars more, on the ProForm 720 E, you’re likely to find an elliptical companion for life.

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