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The H2O Fitness Line of ProRowers are the most high quality and affordable rowers on the market today!
The Innovative Hydro-Power Drive System uses water as resistance, giving you an incredible "on the water" feel that is impossible to duplicate on a standard rowing machine. What is so great about Rowing?Rowing is one of the few sports that simultaneously combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time! Using the same dynamics as actual rowing, the user adjusts the intensity of their workout with "natural adaptive resistance" by either rowing faster or slower, no need for any disruptive mechanical adjustments.
Innovative Hydro-Power System provides an incredibly smooth and relaxing "on the water" rowing experience that feels and sounds just like the real thing.

Compact design requires minimal floor space, folds or stands upright for easy storage and transportation. Protective shrouds keep the drive mechanism dirt and dust free for virutally no maintenance or adjustments. The relationship weight is piling itself on and I love food far too much to restrict any so the gym is my only option left to stop me blowing up like a whale. The ProRowers are lightweight, compact and can be stored anywhere from a corner to a closet. I'm not the richest of people right now so going to a old and pretty bad gym is all I have.

The oversized display is easy to read and features a built-in heart rate receiver, which lets you monitor your workout intensity.

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