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Throughout the world KETTLER is a leading brand in leisure furniture, sports and fitness equipment, table tennis tables, bicycles, and children's outdoor toys. The Kettler Unix S is supplied with a 22kg (48.5lbs) flywheel ensuring smooth operation and features an induction brake system with a power range from 25-400 Watts. Compared to the Stridewell 8310, the 8320 has a self-contained power source, wireless heart rate monitoring, a headrest, and a reclining back pad for extra comfort. Sturdy frame – ST Fitness 8320 weighs 348 pounds and can support a user weighing up to 350 pounds. Multiple strides and arm motions – Users can choose from 17 seat adjustments and 5 arm adjustments. Great warranty – The warranty for US and Canadian residential customers is 50 years on the frame, 3 years on mechanical and electronic parts, and a year of labor. At just 64" long, the Kettler Satura EXT elliptical trainer offers a compact footprint with a buttery-smooth glide in its innovative Extended Motion Technology. Trainers and equipment pros give kudos to the first-rate components on the Kettler Satura EXT elliptical trainer including a Durable Poly V belt drive for a smooth and silent operation, the sealed no-maintenance ball bearings used at all pivot points, and a 44-lb flywheel drive system. The EMT or Extended Motion Technologya„? provides a low impact 19" long stride with integrated gliding footplates extending to a 21" travel distance.
The Heart Rate programs of the Kettler Satura EXT automatically control the elliptical trainera€™s resistance to keep the user within the Target Heart Rate Zone.
The Kettler Satura EXT elliptical trainer is a fine machine and it would have ranked among our top ten $2000 ellipticals a few years ago.
Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center. The entry-level Proform StrideSelect 825 elliptical trainer looks to be ideal for small users on a small budget. The stride of the Proform StrideSelect 825 elliptical feels rather short but users under 5a€™10a€? should have no problem with it.

As most Proform elliptical reviews will attest to, you cana€™t beat the price ($399) on this little rear-flywheel machine.
For just $399, the price is attractive but we arena€™t sold on the Proform StrideSelect 825 elliptical trainer, although a lightweight user with light workouts may get years of use out of this machine without experiencing a single problem. The affordable Unix M elliptical trainer, a recipient of the coveted Plus X Award for innovation in 2011, is no exception. Since 1949, the company has grown from a small enterprise in Heinz Kettler's home town of Ense-Parsit in Germany into a world-wide manufacturing and marketing organization. It incorporates the smartphone technology that allows for downloading the free Kettler SFit application to enjoy a huge variety of challenging programmes. It’s designed to let people sit while exercising their arms and legs, thus offering an even lower-impact workout than regular elliptical machines. The Kettler Satura EXT elliptical trainer comes with a multi-color display which changes color automatically based on heart rate. In addition, the display is color-coordinated to show you immediately when your heart rate is in or outside the zone: blue indicates below the zone, green is within the targeted zone, and red alerts you that your heart rate is exceeding the zone.
Now, however, it seems outdated compared to the cool features available on the new crosstrainers at $1700 to $2000.
The display readout shows resistance, time, elapsed time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The two positions on the stride are unique -- but only if you are one to believe that a short, choppy 12" stride can give you much of a workout.
But if you are going to spend $199 to get the extended warranty, why not spend your $599 on the best-selling elliptical in its class, the Schwinn 430? This crosstrainer is worthy of its good family name.Choose the Unix M if you want a basic yet durable machine and are of average to tall height. Additionally, the Unix S enables you to connect the PC to the cross trainer by Bluetooth and access the optional Kettler’s World Tour 2 software.

Potential customers can compare the 8320 recumbent elliptical can be compared with the Stridewell 8310 and the Octane XR6.
At this highly competitive price point, you can find ellipticals that have even smaller footprints, better warranties, and lots of extras.
And we want to emphasize a€?small usersa€?: large adults over 6a€™ and 200 pounds just might run the machine into the ground after six months. We prefer the full smooth 18" length, but can see how this option can be a selling point for small users. The machine will suffer vibrations, metal fatigue, develop squeaks, and have balance issues over time depending on the usera€™s weight and amount of time used.
That machine will cost you $599, but comes with better warranties, better electronics, and free shipping to boot. The console offers feedback on important workout functions, while the heart rate can be measured with an integrated Polar pulse receiver and an included chest strap.
Never sacrificing customer service.Kettler FitnessFitness Equipment of ChampionsWe have been Outfitting and designing health clubs, apartments, condo's, fire houses. Check out the C-Drives such as the 50" long Endurance E300 by Body Solid or the 41" Lifecore LC-CD400.
Heavier users should step up in quality and look at models in the $600 to $1000 range, if not higher. If size doesna€™t matter, and you are in the market for a smooth rear-drive machine with rollerless action, then the Yowza Captiva or the Smooth Agile DMT offer variable motion technology, fans, iPod plug-ins, and more.

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