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The Elite Interval Training app for Windows and Windows Phone has been updated with a number of features as requested by our current users. We like to stay in touch with our users and are always happy to add new functionality to our apps.
We are happy to announce that the Elite Interval Training app is now available for Windows desktop as well as Windows phone and tablet devices.
We built the Elite Interval Training app because we saw that there simply aren’t any professionally built similar apps on the Windows store. We have been working hard on updating our Windows Phone interval training app – Elite Interval Training, and are thrilled to share with you the results of our work! Available for download immediately Elite Interval Training is now a universal Windows app. A Windows version is in the works and coming out very soon.
We managed to reduce the size of the app from about 28mb down to 7mb, thanks to an in-depth research we made on how to efficiently manage audio resources in universal apps. There are many resources on the internet that describe what interval training is all about, but not many are able to capture its essence so well.
If you are into interval training be sure to check out the Elite Interval Training app for Windows Phone 8.
In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Work-Life Balance Through Interval Training”  Scott Benson, a Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, built on Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz’s research in the sphere of engagement and energy to draw the analogy that success at work or at home or at pretty much everything we do can be achieved following the basic interval training principle. The basic interval training principle is pretty straightforward – exercise at alternating intervals of higher and lower intensity with the goal to use the body’s recovery during the intervals of lower intensity to achieve better results during intervals of higher intensity. In other words, exercise or work at constant intensity without recovery leads to lower performance.
Start applying the interval training principle in everything you do and achieve the performance you are after. The New York Times calls interval training “a healthy mix of rest and motion” and a way to “dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness and raise the body’s potential to burn fat.” A 10-minute interval training workout burns more calories than a 10-minute workout of steady intensity, because interval training employs the two most effective fat-burning methods, maximum effort to achieve muscle fatigue and maximum oxygen use, in a quick burst of exercise. An example of an interval training workout would be walking for 3 minutes followed by 1 minute of running repeated a few times.
Many different interval training workouts, employing a variety of exercises, can be constructed following this pattern. We encourage you to try this simple entry-level interval training workout and tell us how you feel.
Obviously if you can get more results in a fraction of the training, you will have a fraction of the wear and tear o body joints and muscles, and also leave you more time to recuperate.  The more you pound the pavement, the more damage you will do to knees, ankles and other joints of the body. The complete guide to interval training: targeting maximum fat loss through high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Targeting Maximum Fat Loss Through High-Intensity Interval Training High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular form of exercise that combines two of the most effective fat-burning methods. HIIT taxes and maximizes both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, while cardio addresses aerobic only.
Interval training protocols differ in terms of length for both high and low-intensity intervals, the ratio of high to low-intensity, and the level of intensity during workouts. This Weekend, Run for Boston (and Snap a Picture)Whether you rack up 2 miles or 26.2 miles this weekend, do it for Boston. If you are new to intervals or it has been a while since you have been training, choose an activity that you are familiar with to reduce risk of injuries.
The only time you need to check your heart rate during these sessions is for the recovery phase.

The recommended repetitions are the number of times you should repeat the sprint intervals.
For the high intensity part of zone interval sessions you should push to get your heart rate up into your prescribed zone by half way through the interval and then maintain it there until the interval has finished. Pyramid Interval sessions are a combination of different length intervals: A mix of Sprint Intervals and Zone Intervals. Do the Sprint Intervals and Zone Intervals in this session exactly as you would in your Sprint and Zone Interval Sessions. As with all interval sessions your heart rate needs to come back into your Recovery Zone during the recovery period.
The lock screen feature allows users of the Elite Interval Training app to carry out their workouts while their phone is in their pockets without the risk of unintentionally pausing the app. Go check out our blog on why interval training is good for you and try it out yourself using our universal Windows Interval Training app. Being able to deliver the same outstanding fitness and workout experience across all Windows devices, including those running on Windows 10, puts Elite Interval Training among the very best fitness apps on the Windows apps store. In our opinion, there is so much more that a good interval training app can deliver both in terms of modern user experience and functionality. Very exciting new features are coming your way in the next few months, so stay tuned for updates at our blog or Twitter page.
Having completely revamped the application as a universal app has allowed us to soon deliver the same awesome fitness and workout experience across Windows Phone, Tablet and PC devices. At the same time this will future-proof the app and prepare it for Windows 10. The following infographic is an excellent read for anyone just discovering interval training.
Loehr and Schwartz write “…we learn that the real enemy of high performance is not stress, which, paradoxical as it may seem, is actually the stimulus for growth. By doing interval training you combine short periods of low intensity work followed by periods of high intensity work in a complete workout. The Elite Interval Training app for Windows Phone 8 allows you to easily create, organize and execute any interval training workout.
The first is high-intensity training, which pushes the body to maximum effort to achieve muscle fatigue and maximum oxygen use in a quick burst. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen to generate energy in the form of ATP, while anaerobic respiration does not. We are committed to serving the needs of our patients by providing the highest quality care. What activity you choose for your intervals is up to you, all you need to do is target your heart rate zones prescribed in your program.
The basic structure of these is the same with periods of high intensity separated by periods of low intensity.
You should push as hard as you can (your 100% effort) for the required time in your program. Ensure that you apply the correct recovery time as noted in your program following each interval. The added improvements feature new visual cues that make it even easier to distinguish between high-intensity and low-intensity workout periods.
Here at New Venture Software we make no compromise with quality when it comes to building software and quotes from current app users like the following one confirm that we are on the right track to making everyone’s fitness workout even more effective and enjoyable! Rather, the problem is the absence of disciplined, intermittent recovery.” Balancing our mind and body, our performance and development and most importantly our exertion and recovery is the key to high performance according to Loehr and Schwartz.

For example, it would take you only a few clicks to set up the above-mentioned 3-minute walking, 1-minute running interval training exercise and you are good to go.
HIIT affects muscle tissue at the cellular level, actually changing mitochondrial activity in the muscles themselves. If you've been thinking about mixing some interval training into your fitness regimen, our partners at Greatist have shared three interval workout routines separated by time and skill. The sessions differ in terms of the length of time of the high intensity and rest periods, as well as the actual level of intensity of each interval. In some instances you may have to increase the length of the recovery period to make sure your heart rate returns back into your recovery zone.
This was one of our most requested features and we know it will help a lot especially in situations where sounds are muted and the user relies on visual cues while working out. This is measured relative to one’s VO2 max, which is the highest amount of oxygen your body consumes during exercise. Studies indicate as little as 27 minutes of HIIT three times per week produces the same anaerobic and aerobic improvement as 60 minutes of steady state cardio five times per week.
You do not need to check your heart rate for the sprint interval as your focus on maximum effort is more important here. The recovery time is important as it allows your body to give more during the sprint interval and therefore gain more from your session.
Working your body close to its VO2 max triggers the afterburn effect, where the body continues to consume oxygen (and burn calories) up to 48 hours after the workout (it takes approximately five calories to consume one liter of oxygen).
The second method is interval training, which alternates periods of intense effort with periods of moderate-to-low intensity effort. The workouts total four minutes and involve 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight cycles. Tabata is best for those who are already fit and are looking for a workout that requires very little time. By combining the above two principles, exercisers can maximize fat-burning and muscle-building potential through significantly shorter workouts. HIIT maximizes increased metabolic rate, optimizes muscle building and muscle retention during fat loss, and increases calorie burn during and after workouts. The protocol calls for 60 seconds of high intensity followed by 75 seconds of low intensity. The maximum 45-minute workouts combine strength training with cardio, and the recommended frequency is three times per week. Perform an eight-rep set of a weightlifting movement (like dumbbell presses) followed by one minute of mountain climbers. Turbulence Training is generally best for those who have longer to train and are looking to incorporate strength training into their routines. It’s an incredibly effective method for improving fitness in a short time, but it’s also extremely taxing on the body.

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